when voltage drops what happens to current?
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Answer :

Current increases 
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Answer :

This depends on the power of the source.If power is kept constant then the voltage increases with decrease in current (P=VI) .But if lets say the source is replaced by new batteries then the current increases (V=IR).
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Description : What happens to the angle between current and voltage, when a small capacitance is added in series with a highly inductive circuit?  (A) Increases (B) Remains same as earlier angle (C) Decreases (D) Becomes indeterminant

Description : when voltage increases what happens to current ?

Answer : Decrease

Description : What happens to current flow in a capacitive circuit when the DC voltage across the capacitor is approximately equal to the source voltage?

Answer : Capacitor always charges up to the voltage of source. When the capacitor is charged to same as source voltage then there is no current flowing through the capacitor. The current through the capacitor is called displacement current. 

Description : The output voltage of a battery drops from 100 V with zero load current to 80 V when load current is 2 A. The internal resistance of the battery is (a) 10 Ω (b) 20 Ω (c) 40 Ω (d) 50 Ω

Description : What happens insulators when high voltage passes through transmission lines whether it breaks or lose it's insulating property?

Answer : I think it will breaks when it crosses breakdown voltage .