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If a D.C. motor designed for 40°C ambient temperature is to be used for 50°C ambient temperature, then the motor is to be derated by a factor recommended by manufacturer and select the next higher H.P. motor.

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Description : State the insulating materials used in motor. Write temperature class and withstand temperature ranges for them. 

Answer : The insulating materials used in motor are as belows: 1. Cotton, 2. Silk, or paper, 3. Press board, 4. Resins 5. PVC 6. Cellulose-Fiber, 7. Enameled coating, etc  ... Over 180° Mica, porcelain, ceramics, glass quartz, asbestos, treated glass fiber or treated asbestos. etc.

Answer : In a D.C. series motor, if the armature current is reduced by 50%, the torque of the motor will be equal to 25% of the previous value.

Answer : Flywheel is used with D.C. compound motor to reduce the peak demand by the motor, compound motor will have to be cumulatively compounded.

Answer : For a D.C. shunt motor if the excitation is changed torque will change but power will remain constant.

Answer : In a differentially compounded D.C. motor, if shunt field suddenly opens the motor will first stop and then run in opposite direction as series motor.

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