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The plugging gives the highest torque braking.

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Description : What is mean by plugging in three phase induction motor?

Answer : Plugging in three-phase induction motor means interchanging of any two phases of a stator for quick stopping.

Description : Which type of generator gives a constant voltage output at all loads?

Answer : Level compound generator type of generator gives a constant voltage output at all loads.

Answer : Speed control by Ward Leonard method gives uniform speed variation in both directions.

Description : Which one of the following methods of soil conservation is most effective in arid areas ? (1) Mulching (2) Shelter belt (3) Gully plugging (4) Terracing

Answer : Shelter belt

Description : Desertification can be checked by (1) plugging gullies (2) checking over-grazing (3) contour ploughing (4) forming shelter belts

Answer :  checking over-grazing

Description : Draw power and control circuit for simple plugging of induction motor.

Answer : Draw power and control circuit for simple plugging of induction motor.

Description : Plugging of dc motors is carried by (1) Reversing only the field and armature polarity (2) Reversing only the field polarity (3) Reversing only the armature polarity (4) Disconnecting the armature from supply and connecting across a resistance 

Description : What does this quote mean? “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” (Jim Elliot)

Description : Certification of Digital signature by an independent authority is needed because a. it is safe b. it gives confidence to a business c. the authority checks and assures customers that the public ... business which claims its ownership d. private key claimed by a sender may not be actually his 

Answer : c. the authority checks and assures customers that the public key indeed belongs to the business which claims its ownership 

Description : The Tunica layer gives rise to –

Answer : The Tunica layer gives rise to – Epidermis only

Description : When a group gives some of its leadership positions to the members of other group, it is (a) Contracting ; (b) Co-opting ; (c) Co-alition ; (d) Competition

Answer : (b) Co-opting ; 

Description : If a manager develops a new idea and gives a plan for development of a new product in his workplace, then he is carrying out which of the following roles? (a) Liaison ; (b) Entrepreneur ; (c) Disseminator ; (d) Disturbance handler

Answer : (b) Entrepreneur ;

Description : The state financial corporation in the State bank of India gives assistance especially to A) Medium and Small-scale Industries B) Large-scale Industries C) Cottage Industry D) Agricultural Farms

Answer : Answer: A

Description : Which one of the following is the advantage of connecting two dry cells in parallel instead of in series? Is it because the parallel arrangement: w) gives twice the EMF of one dry cell x) has no ... circuit half as fast as would a single cell z) has half the internal resistance of a single cell


Description : The radiator of a room contains 10 kilogram of water. If the water gives off 50,000 calories of heat to the room, the drop in temperature of the water is: w) 1 degree Celsius x) 2 degrees Celsius y) 5 degrees Celsius z) 10 degrees Celsius


Description : The speed of light in vacuum "C" divided by the Index of Refraction "N" gives the: w) frequency of the light x) speed of the light in the medium y) energy of the light z) wavelength of the light


Description : A force applied to a rocket gives it an upward acceleration equal to 2 times the acceleration of gravity. The magnitude of the force is equal to: w) the weight of the rocket x) twice the weight of the rocket y) three times the weight of the rocket z) four times the weight of the rocket


Description : Which of these events gives us evidence that the earth is spherical? w) a volcanic eruption x) an earthquake y) an eclipse of the moon z) the earth's rotation


Description : In geological studies, arkose contains which of th following minerals which gives it a reddish color? w) orthoclase x) calcite y) aragonite (pron: a-rag-o-nite) z) quartz


Description : Endothermic refers to a process that w) does work x) gives off heat y) loses mass z) absorbs heat 


Description : As water solidifies it does one of the following: w) gives off heat and contracts x) gives off heat and expands y) takes in heat and contracts z) takes in heat and expands


Description : In quantum chemistry, a nodal surface: w) gives 99 percent contour surface for an orbital x) exists for a 1s orbital y) has quantum number l = 1 z) is an orbital surface on which the probability density is zero


Description : When a human donor gives a pint of blood, it usually requires how many weeks for the body RESERVE of red corpuscles to be replaced? Is it: a) 1 week b) 3 weeks c) 7 weeks d) 21 weeks

Answer : ANSWER: C -- 7 weeks

Description : Name the general type of mammal that gives birth to undeveloped young that are kept in pouches.


Description : Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil. If you've seen the Matrix you are aware of the energy potentially generated by the human body. Our bodies ... amount of calories keeping us at a steady 98.6 degrees, enough to boil water or even cook pasta.

Description : Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul. - Charles Buxton Motivational quote

Description : Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. - Anne Frank Motivational quote

Description : "You just can't beat the person who never gives up." - Babe Ruth  

Description : Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact? Options: A) Use of film B) Small group discussion C) Lectures by experts D) Viewing country-wide classroom programme on TV

Answer : B) Small group discussion 

Description : When a co-worker gives you a mental shock, then. What will you do? Options: A) You will develop enmity with him B) You will wait for your turn to put him in the same state C) You will fight in a decent manner D) You think do good and forget it

Answer : B) You will wait for your turn to put him in the same state 

Description : When your parents visit your house, you give them more respect than your in-laws. Under these conditions what will be expected by your life? Options: A) She will ask for equal treatment to her parents ... in social status, so have a right of high respect D) She will remain in a neutral position

Answer : A) She will ask for equal treatment to her parents because she gives due respect to your parents

Description : A good teacher is one who: (A) inspires students to learn (B) gives useful information (C) explains concepts and principles (D) gives Printed notes to students

Answer : Answer: A

Description : Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact? (A) Use of film (B) Small group discussion (C) Lectures by experts (D) Viewing country-wide classroom programme on TV

Answer : (B) Small group discussion

Description : 1. Which bank gives long term loan to farmers? 2. Which mineral is essential for controling heart beat? 3. The Chief Minister of Union Territory where such a set up exists, is appointed by whom ... of rock to the changes of temperature? 20. Who laid the foundations of Portuguese power in India?

Answer : Answer : 1. Land Development Bank 2. Iodine 3. Lt. Governor 4. Pules 5. Arthashastra 6. 6 kg 7. Ornithologist 8. 1952 at Bombay 9. 8.00 A.M. 10. Mahmud of Ghazni 11. Heredity ... 15. Muhammad Ghori 16. Per capita income 17. Bangladesh 18. Serology 19. Mechanical weathering 20. Alfonso de Albuquerque

Description : 1. Who was the first lady Prime Minister in the world? 2. Which muscle is the strongest of all in the human body? 3. Who has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office ... Meridian' passes through which states? 20. By whom was the slogan Inquilab Zinda bad' first raised?

Answer : Answer : 1. Shirimavo Bhandaranaike 2. Thigh 3. Parliament 4. Lunar eclipse 5. Kalidasa 6. Dialysis 7. 20 8. Dance 9. Northwestern Europe 10. Salabat Jang 11. Thigh 12. The Prime Minister 13. ... Cornwallis 16. Annie Besant 17. Panther 18. Hyderabad 19. UP, MP Orissa and AP 20. Bhagat Singh

Description : If h* represents an estimate of the cost of getting from the current node N to the goal node and h represents actual cost of getting from current node to the goal node, then A* algorithm gives an optimal solution ... h* us equal to h (B) h* overestimates h (C) h* underestimates h (D) none of these

Answer : (C) h* underestimates h

Description : Verification: (A) refers to the set of activities that ensure that software correctly implements a specific function. (B) gives answer to the question - Are we building the product right ? (C) requires execution of software (D) both (A) and (B)

Answer : (D) both (A) and (B)

Description : Which one of the following gives energy to our body ? (1) Vitamins (2) Water (3) Carbohydrates (4) Proteins

Answer : Carbohydrates

Description : The pigment which gives colour to the human skin is (1) Melanin (2) Rhodopsin (3) Iodopsin (4) Anthocyanin

Answer : Melanin

Description : The following sugar gives energy most readily (1) Lactose (2) Cellulose (3) Maltose (4) Glucose

Answer : Glucose

Description : _____ gives hardness to stainless steel. (1) Zinc (2) Lead (3) Carbon (4) Tin

Answer : Carbon

Description : Atomic number of an atom gives the number of which of the following ? (1) electrons (2) protons (3) neutrons (4) neutrons and protons

Answer : protons

Description : Soap helps in better cleaning of clothes because (1) Soap acts like catalyst (2) It reduces the surface tension of solution (3) It gives strength to solution (4) It absorbs the dirt

Answer : It reduces the surface tension of solution

Description : Burning pyrites ore gives out (1) Carbon dioxide gas (2) Sulphur dioxide gas (3) Nitrogen dioxide gas (4) Nitric oxide gas

Answer : Sulphur dioxide gas 

Description : Electrolysis of an aqueous solution of copper sulphate using copper electrodes gives (1) Copper at cathode and oxygen at anode. (2) Copper at anode and oxygen at cathode. (3) Copper at cathode and anodes dissolve to give copper. (4) Hydrogen at cathode and oxygen at anode.

Answer : Copper at cathode and oxygen at anode.

Description : Spirit in contact with body gives cool sensation because it is : (1) liquid (2) transparent (3) highly volatile (4) a good conductor

Answer : highly volatile

Description : We feel cool when we sit near the fan, this is because (1) fan gives cool air. (2) fan cools surrounding air. (3) air vapourises the sweat on our body. (4) we feel cool when air touches the body.

Answer : air vapourises the sweat on our body.

Description : An electron microscope gives higher magnifications than an optical microscope because : (1) The velocity of electrons is smaller than that of light (2) The wavelength of electrons is smaller as ... have more energy than the light particulars (4) The electron microscope uses more powerful lenses 

Answer : The wavelength of electrons is smaller as compared to the wavelength of visible light

Description : Flywheel is an important part of a steam engine because it : (1) accelerates the speed of the engine (2) helps the engine in keeping the speed uniform (3) decreases the moment of inertia (4) gives strength to the engine

Answer : helps the engine in keeping the speed uniform

Description : Metal tea pots have wooden handles because (1) wood is a bad conductor of heat (2) it prevents electric shock (3) it gives beauty to the pots (4) it is hygienic

Answer :  it prevents electric shock

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