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Locked rotor current of a shaded pole motor is slightly more than full load current.

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Answer : The shaded pole motor is used for low starting torque.

Description : With a neat sketch give the working of shaded pole induction motor.

Answer : Explanation: It has squirrel cage rotor and salient pole stator. The stator poles are shaded partially by short circuited conductor band to create the phase difference between the fluxes emerging from shaded ... rotating magnetic field in the air-gap and torque is exerted on the squirrel cage rotor.

Description : State two applications of 1) Shaded pole motor 2) Universal motor

Answer : (i)Applications of Shaded pole motor: 1. Small fans 2. Toy motors 3. Hair dryers 4. Ventilators 5. Electric clocks 6. Record players 7. Motorized valves 8. Gramophones 9. Photocopying ... 5. Portable Drilling Machines 6. Electric Shavers 7. Mechanical computing Machines 8. Machine Tools etc.

Answer : In case of a shaded pole motor the direction of rotation of the motor is from main pole to shaded pole.

Answer : A shaded pole motor can be used for toys, hair dryers, circulators etc.