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If a single phase induction motor runs slower than normal, the most likely defect is worn bearings.

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Description : How does a single phase induction motor work?

Answer : As we know that single phase induction is not self started because for self started we require atleast two revolving field but single phase induction motor has only one. So we provide extra ... 1phase IM classified as split phase IM, capacitor start capacitor run, capacitor start induction run.

Description : explain the working of single phase induction motor.

Answer : Stator has two winding namely main winding and auxiliary winding.when single phase ac supply is given to the motor,its produces alternating field.this field cut by a cage some emf ... due to this emf,rotor flux produced.the interaction between two fluxes produce rotor rotates.

Description : Single Phase Induction Motor

Answer : Single Phase Induction Motor Single phase induction motor is mostly used in home, office, shop and many single phase appliances like pumps,  ... torque and silent operation. It is uses where silent operation is required.

Description : Explain the working of a single phase capacitor start induction motor. 

Answer : Single phase capacitor start induction motor