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In a ceiling fan employing capacitor run motor secondary winding surrounds the primary winding.

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Description : Why is a capacitor used in a ceiling fan ?

Answer : For splitting phase so that a rotating magnetic field will be produced & as per Lenz's law a torque will be created & rotor starts rotating. In single phase if capacitor is not used for split phase then a pulsating mag. field is produced which is unable to produce torque on rotor

Answer : Capacitor use in fan is made up of dielectic material which is in semi solid material having high capacity.but generation of heat in capacitor the semi solid material converted into dry solid because of ... capacity becomes lower and lower so for good result of our fan we have to change it.

Answer : The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range 50 to 150 W .

Answer : It is simply variable resistance create opposition to flow of current and decrease or increase the speed of fan

Answer : In a capacitor start and run motors the function of the running capacitor in series with the auxiliary winding is to improve power factor.

Description : State suitable single phase motor for following applications: (i) Table fan (ii) Mixers and Grinders

Answer : Application Suitable Single Phase Motor Table Fan 1) Capacitor split phase motor 2) Capacitor start capacitor run motor Mixers and Grinders 1) Universal motor 2) A.C. Series motor

Answer : The repulsion-start induction-run motor is used because of high starting torque.

Answer : A universal motor can run on either A.C. or D.C.

Answer : A schrage motor can run on zero slip, negative slip, positive slip.

Answer : Two-value capacitor motor finds increased application as compressor motor in small home air-conditioners because it has low starting as well as running currents at relatively high power factor.

Answer : To reverse the direction of rotation of a capacitor start motor while it is running we should disconnect motor from the supply till it stops then reconnect it to supply with reversed connection of main or auxiliary winding.

Answer : If the centrifugal switch of a two-value capacitor motor using two capacitors fails to open then Electrolytic capacitor will, in all probability, suffer break down.

Description : Why is a capacitor used in a single phase motor and not in three phase motor ?

Answer : In 1-phase induction motor capacitor work is generate the auxiliary winding current than excite the main winding to rotor starts rotate. After rotor start rotating about 75% of their speed than auxiliary ... emf to start the,in 3-phase induction motor is self start induction motor.

Answer : In a two value capacitor motor, the capacitor used for running purposes is paper spaced oil filled type.

Answer : In a capacitor start single-phase motor, when capacitor is replaced by a resistance motor will continue to run in same direction.

Answer : In a capacitor start motor, the phase displacement between starting and running winding can be nearly 90°.

Description : Explain the working of a single phase capacitor start induction motor. 

Answer : Single phase capacitor start induction motor

Description : A capacitor-start single phase induction motor is switched on to supply with its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reactance value. It will?

Answer : A capacitor-start single phase induction motor is switched on to supply with its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reactance value. It will not start at all.

Answer : The value of starting capacitor of a fractional horse power motor will be 300 uF .

Answer : If the capacitor of a single-phase motor is short-circuited the motor will not start.

Description : Can we use the synchronous motor as the synchronous capacitor?

Answer : Yes, we can use the synchronous motor as the synchronous capacitor when the synchrnous motor is overexcited.

Description : Explain any two energy conservation techniques in fan.

Answer : Following are energy conservation techniques in Fans : 1) Use the electronic regulators instead of conventional regulator: Function of regulator is to control the speed of the fan. The conventional regulators ... 't forget to properly maintain your electric fan and keep it in good working order. 

Description : Which supply and exhaust fan to choose for your home?

Answer : Usually, "European-style renovation" begins with the installation of double-glazed windows and careful closure of all existing ventilation openings in the room. It is interesting, but few people know that ... street, for which fans are used, which are inserted directly into the window or window.

Description : Stretch ceiling. What to look for when choosing?

Answer : Stretch ceiling is a great view of interior decoration. It allows you to create a pleasant aesthetic environment and to hide pronounced surface defects. However, like any finishing material, solid artificial ... that will ensure the quality not only of the coating, but also of the installation work.

Description : How to glue a ceiling plinth?

Answer : Ceiling plinth is used to decorate the angle between the wall and the ceiling. This decorative element is also called fillet. Installation is carried out after leveling the walls and ceiling. We ... After completing the process, the ceiling plinth is painted, usually in the color of the ceiling.

Description : Ceiling lamps. What are they and how to choose?

Answer : Well-chosen lighting can stimulate productive activities and can create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The variety of ceiling lights is not limited to traditional center chandeliers. In addition ... Their placement along the perimeter of the bathroom will visually make the room more spacious.

Description : Which ceiling to choose for the bathroom?

Answer : Which ceiling to choose for the bathroom? The bathroom is a room with high humidity, it requires special attention when installing ventilation, choosing appropriate furniture, materials for wall and ceiling ... ceiling an ideal solution for your bathroom. But the choice, of course, is yours!

Description : How to choose a modern stretch ceiling?

Answer : How to choose a modern stretch ceiling? Renovation in an apartment, which many consider to be quite messy and troublesome, today can be easily turned into a less dusty procedure. To do this ... , stretch ceilings from Swiss, Russian and Chinese manufacturers are in great demand on the market today.

Description : Which ceiling is suitable for a bathroom?

Answer : Which ceiling is suitable for a bathroom? If you want to make repairs in the bathroom at an affordable price and we are not talking about long-term construction, then a rack suspended ceiling ... colors and shades of such ceilings will allow you to create your own unique design in the premises.

Description : State function of i) Ceiling rose ii) Conduit 

Answer : Function of Ceiling rose: Output connection for ceiling fan or tube.  Function of Conduit – To run the wires from switch board to appliances. 

Description : Instant 100 meters (How fast to run 100 meters?)

Answer : Instant 100 meters (How fast to run 100 meters?) This guide outlines the step-by-step preparation for the most efficient 100-meter run. 0-15 meters With your head down, you need to ... length. Constant training and the right technique will allow you to improve your 100 meter running results.

Answer : A rotory converter can also be run as a synchronous motor.

Description : Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

Answer : The capacitors used in single-phase capacitor motors have no polarity marking.

Description : which motor is use in ceiling fan?

Answer : Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor

Description : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Answer : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Description : Dielectric loss in a capacitor is best measured by (A) Wien Bridge (B) Schering Bridge (C) Anderson Bridge (D) Heaviside-Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge

Answer : Dielectric loss in a capacitor is best measured by Schering Bridge

Description : Power factor of an inductive circuit is usually improved by connecting capacitor to it in?

Answer : Power factor of an inductive circuit is usually improved by connecting capacitor to it in parallel.

Answer : If the current in a capacitor leads the voltage by 80°, the loss angle of the capacitor is 10°.

Answer : In capacitor start single-phase motors current in the starting winding leads the voltage.

Description : What is the role of a capacitor in a circuit?

Description : How do you discharge a capacitor in a microwave?

Description : Which energy is stored in capacitor?

Description : What is the purpose of a capacitor in an AC circuit?

Answer : Every AC supply is not ideal AC it contains DC component so to provide restriction to DC component in supply we have to use Capacitor

Description : State the applications and specification of (i) Resistor (ii) Capacitor (iii)Inductor

Answer : Application of resistor: 1.Resistors are used in high frequency instrument. 2.Resistor is used in power control circuit. 3.It is used in DC power supplies. 4.Resistors are used ... DC Current  3.Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)  4.Magnetic Saturation Flux Density  5.Curie Temperature 

Description : Charging Action of capacitor

Answer : Charging Action of capacitor .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Description : Capacitor : Before charging takes place

Answer : Capacitor : Before charging takes place

Description : Does current flow through a capacitor ?

Answer : Imagine a pipe with a flexible diaphram in the middle separating two haves of the pipe. Now the pipe is filled with air. If you apply a pressure to one end the diaphram will deform ... capacitor, the effects on electrons will be recreated across the boundary. But theres no electrical connection...

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