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The electric motor used in portable drills is universal motor.

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Description : The motor used for electric traction is  (1) D.C. shunt motor (3) D.C. series motor  (2) D.C. compound motor (4) Synchronous motor

Answer : The motor used for electric traction is D.C. series motor

Description : Where are portable screw compressors used?

Answer : Where are portable screw compressors used? The use of a portable screw air compressor in road, construction, mining and installation works indicates that its area of practical use is ... with these important, but fairly simple requirements will significantly lengthen the life of your compressor.

Description : Badminton Drills

Answer : Badminton is a game of skill and skill is acquired through practice. No self-respecting badminton player goes a day without practice. Here are some useful badminton drills for beginners: Shadow ... -are always crucial in the overall development and build up of a well-rounded badminton player.

Description : Describe the reason of using dc series motor for electric trains.

Answer : Electric trains require an inverse torque speed characteristics for proper operation. That is a higher torque is required at start (when speed is nil or low) and as the train picks up ... torque - speed characteristics of DC series motors match, these motors are suitable for electric trains

Answer : The power mentioned on the name plate of an electric motor indicates the output power available at the shaft.