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Synchronous motors are generally not self-starting because the direction of instantaneous torque reverses after half cycle.

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Answer : The standard full-load power factor ratings for synchronous motors are unity or 0.8 leading.

Answer : For power factor correction, synchronous motors operate at no-load and greatly over-excited fields.


Answer : 101. In a synchronous motor it the back e.m.f. generated in the armature at noload is approximately equal to the applied voltage, then (a) the motor is said to be fully loaded (b) the torque ... square of the applied voltage (c) inversely proportional to applied voltage (d) none of the above Ans: a

Description : Damper winding is provided in 3 phase synchronous motors to :

Answer : Damper winding is provided in 3 phase synchronous motors to : provide starting torque and prevent hunting

Description : What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motors?

Answer : The motor which rotates at constant speed is called synchronous motor. And that constant speed is called as synchronous speed.  And the motor which does not rotates at constant speed are called asynchronous motor. Asynchronous motor is also called as Induction motor.

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