Name the northern latitude constellation that is easily recognized by 5 bright stars forming an irregular "W", some observers seeing not only a W but also a chair. One of the brightest novae on record appeared in this constellation in 1572.

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ANSWER: CASSIOPEIA (pron: cass-e-o-pe-yw)
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Description : Which of the following constellations has more bright stars than any other constellation? w) Big Dipper x) Cassiopeia y) Orion z) Scorpion

Answer : ANSWER: Y -- ORION

Description : Which of the following is true for ORION? Orion is: w) the brightest star in the sky x) a constellation y) the name given to a NASA spacecraft z) an asteroid


Description : The stars Castor and Pollux are the two brightest stars of what constellation?

Answer : ANSWER: GEMINI (Gemini the Twins)

Description : The brightest star in this constellation is Aldebaran (pron: al-DEB-ar-on). In which constellation can this star be found?


Description : The brightest star in this constellation is Vega. In which constellation can Vega be found?


Description : This yellow-white, spectral F-type star is located in the constellation Carina south of the ecliptic. It ranks second in apparent brightness among the stars. Is this star: w) Canopus x) Alpha Centauri y) Castor z) Rigel


Description : First, identify by name the largest planet; then identify by name the brightest planet in our solor system. If they are the same, give only one name.  

Answer : ANSWER: JUPITER (largest) AND VENUS (brightest)

Description : Algol (pron: AL-gall), the Demon star, is a binary star whose larger component revolves around and regularly eclipses the smaller, brighter star causing periodic changes in brightness. The ... is in is also noted for meteor showers that appear annually in August. Name the constellation.

Answer : ANSWER: PERSEUS (pron: PER-see-us)

Description : Early astronomers thought that galaxies were single stars. Why was this mistake easy to make? A. Galaxies are so far away that they look like a single star. B. Galaxies are made of stars that you ... C. Light from galaxies collects into a single beam. D. Earth is small and galaxies are much larger.

Description : From Amherst, at latitude 42◦ N, Polaris hangs about degrees above the northern horizon. A. 18.5 B. 42 C. 23.5 D. 48 E. 52

Answer : B. 42

Description : "The Swan" is the English name for this constellation. Give me the Latin name by which this constellation is known.  


Description : Most stars are cooler than the sun. These stars, the planets, interstellar clouds and star-forming regions emit most of their radiant energy in the: w) visible x) x-ray region y) ultraviolet z) infrared


Description : The English nickname for this CONSTELLATION is "The Chained Maiden". Give me the astronomer's name for this constellation. 


Description : The Milky Way Galaxy A. is a fairly large galaxy, but is not unique. B. contains about one-hundred billion stars. C. contains our sun, which is located about two-thirds of the way from the center to the edge. D. none of above. E. a, b and c.

Answer : E. a, b and c. 

Description : The Crab Nebula consists of the remnants of a supernova which was observed by: w) Brahe in 1572. x) Kepler and Galileo in 1604. y) the Chinese in 1054 A.D. z) several ancient civilizations in 236 B.C.

Answer : ANSWER: Y -- THE CHINESE IN 1054 A.D.

Description : What do the stars in a constellation have in common? The same... A. brightness B. distance from Earth C. size D. general direction from Earth

Description : If majority of students in your class is weak you should Options: A) Not Care About Intelligent student B) Keep Your Speed Of Teaching Fast So That Students Comprehension Level May Increase C) ... Helpful To Bright Students. D) Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Some Extra Guidance To Bright People

Answer : D) Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Some Extra Guidance To Bright People

Description : State the common name given to the group of stars also known as Crux Australis.


Description : What is the name of the star that is the BRIGHTEST in the sky?


Description : A solar system contains A. primary gas and dust. D. thousand of superclusters. B. a single star and planets. E. a star only. C. lots of gas and dust, but very few stars. 

Answer : B. a single star and planets.

Description : The largest moon in our solar system has an atmosphere that is denser than the atmosphere of Mars. The name of this moon is: w) Titan x) Ganymede y) Triton z) Io (pron: I - O)

Answer : ANSWER: W -- TITAN

Description : Which one of the following terms describes not only the physical space occupied by an organism, but also its functional role in the community of organisms ? (1) Eco-niche (2) Ecosystem (3) Ecozone (4) Habitat

Answer : Ecosystem

Description : Only one planet in the solar system has a day which lasts longer than its year. Name this planet.


Description : You are sitting in a frictionless barber chair. The barber decides to have some fun with you, so he spins the chair. As you spin, you find that you can slow down by extending your ... increased your angular momentum y) increased your moment of inertia z) changed the direction of the momentum vector


Description : What is the most distant object in the sky that the human eye can see without optical instruments? w) The Horsehead Nebula x) The Andromeda Galaxy y) The Sagittarius Constellation z) The Aurora Borealis


Description : 1. When is International Day for Tolerance, recognized- the UN is observed? 2. Which is the only golfer to win the Masters Tournament six times? 3. Who published the book Origin of species by ... of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal maximum? 20. Which silver coins Issued by the Guptas?

Answer : Answer : 1. November 16 2. Jack Nicklaus 3. Darwin 4. Dihang 5. Punjab 6. 245 7. Concave mirror 8. 1999-2000 9. Arunachal Pradesh 10. Non-violence 11. 1951 12. Australopithecus 13. Malgaonkar 14. New Delhi 15. Ashoka 16. 8 17. 1985 18. Rise in general price index 19. After summer 20. Rupayaka

Description : One piece of evidence that there was once water on Mars is that some areas have drainage patterns similar to those made by _______ on Earth.

Answer : One piece of evidence that there was once water on Mars is that some areas have drainage patterns similar to those made by Streams on Earth.

Description : One of the largest volcanos in our solar system-if not the largest-is named Olympus Mons. This volcano is located on: w) Jupiter's moon Callisto x) Venus y) Saturn's moon Titan z) Mars

Answer : ANSWER: Z -- MARS

Description : If the Earth were tipped 15◦ instead of 23.5 ◦ , seasons on Earth would be A. hotter in the northern hemisphere, colder in the southern. B. much longer. C. much less severe. D. much more severe. E. b and c.

Answer : C. much less severe. 

Description : Name the type of variable star which is a red dwarf star and shows rapid and irregular changes in light.


Description : The Giotto spacecraft set a new record last July for the closest visit yet to: w) the core of a comet x) the red spot of Jupiter y) an active solar flare z) the rings of Saturn


Description : Whereas latitude and longitude are the coordinates of places on earth, the coordinates used for star locations are two of the following, choose two. w) ascension x) right ascension y) altitude z) declination e) polar angle


Description : Northern Hemisphere summers are hotter than Northern Hemisphere winters because A. earth is closer to the sun during the summer. B. the snow that falls in the northern latitudes cools Earth during the winter. ... the period of sunlight is longer during the summer than during the winter. E. C and D.

Answer : E. C and D. 

Description : What is the name of an important galactic cluster of stars in the Milky Way and commonly known as the Seven Sisters?


Description : Which of the following statements concerning Object-Oriented databases is FALSE? (A) Objects in an object-oriented database contain not only data but also methods for processing the data. (B ... Object-oriented databases store more types of data than relational databases and access that data faster.

Answer : (C) Object-oriented databases are more adapt at handling structures (analytical) data than relational databases.

Description : If you have all the potentialities to become an efficient teacher but the school's adverse conditions do not help you. How could you adjust with this reality? Options: A) You will continue ... work unwillingly under these prevailing situations D) You will not even try to think about its solution

Answer : B) You will try force the administrative machinery to control the conditions 

Description : The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razorblades. While you certainly shouldn't test the fortitude of your stomach by eating a razorblade or any other metal object for that matter, the ... good at dissolving the pizza you had for dinner but can also eat through many types of metal.

Description : Consider the following two commands C1 and C2 on the relation R from an SQL database:  C1: drop table R; C2: delete from R; Which of the following statements is TRUE? I. Both C1 and C2 delete the schema for R. II. C2 ... R. (A) I only (B) I and II only (C) II and III only (D) I, II and III

Answer : (C) II and III only

Description : What is the name given to very bright meteors or bolides?


Description : Whose paradox asks why the sky is not ablaze with starlight if the universe is infinite in extent and uniformly filled with stars? w) Olber's x) Greigheim's y) Schuller's z) Miller's

Answer : ANSWER: W -- OLBER'S 

Description : A line through the three stars in Orion's belt points toward which one of the following stars? w) Mizor x) Polaris y) Sirius z) Rigel

Answer : ANSWER: Y -- SIRIUS

Description : The Magellanic Clouds are w) irregular galaxies x) spiral galaxies y) elliptical galaxies z) large clouds of gas and dust


Description : The andromeda Galaxy is which of the following types of galaxies? w) elliptical x) spiral y) barred-spiral z) irregular

Answer : ANSWER: X -- SPIRAL

Description : On a clear, dark, moonless night, approximately how many stars can be seen with the naked eye? w) 300 x) 1,000 y) 3,000 z) 10,000

Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 3,000

Description : A coordinate system based on the ecliptic system is especially useful for the studies of w) planets x) stars y) the Milky Way z) galaxies


Description : The ring nebula is an example of a planetary nebula. It is: w) a ring of planets circling a star. x) an expanding ring of gas released from a dying star. y) a contracting ring of gas and dust falling circling into a massive object. z) a ring of stars in a circular orbit.


Description : Two taps P and Q can fill a cistern in 24 min and 32 min respectively. Both the taps are opened together for a certain time but due to some obstruction the flow of water was restricted to 7/4 of full flow in tap P and ... How long was it before the full flow. A) 8 min B) 3 min C) 5.6 min D) 4.5 min

Answer : D Let the obstruction remain for X min.  Hence, Part of cistern filled in X min + part of cistern filled in 6 min = full cistern [(7X/4*24)+(5X/3*32)]+[(6/24)+(6/32)] = 1 (12X/96)+(7/16) = 1 12x/96=9/16 Thus, X = 4.5 min.

Description : Rama, a bright pupil, is openly impatient of the errors and slowness of other students in the class and wishes to answer much more than his share of questions. His teacher should Options: A) Ask ... D) Make him realize that he is not so smart by asking him difficult questions that he cannot answer

Answer : D) Make him realize that he is not so smart by asking him difficult questions that he cannot answer 

Description : Who first used Tycho Brahe's observational data on the planet Mars to determine that Mars actually traversed an elliptical orbit, the sun being located at one of the foci? w) Kepler x) Galileo y) Hipparchus z) Aristarchus

Answer : ANSWER: W -- KEPLER

Description : Our nearest star neighbor in space, Alpha Centauri, is four light years from Earth. Why will it be difficult to visit? A. It is very bright and hot. B. We are not sure exactly where it is. C. There may be no planets near it. D. It is very far away

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