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In case of thermal power plants fuel transportation is the major problem.

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Fuel other than natural gas i.e. solid and liquid fuels can be used in _______
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Answer : In fossil fuel transportation cost is least.

Description : Newark Airport Transportation

Answer : A Significant Gateway Air traffic is crucial to the economic development of any location. Sea and land transportation are equally important; however, you can't deny the bargaining power of air ... in the area are the LaGuardia Airport, the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, and the Teterboro Airport.

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Answer : While shopping for a fuel pump for your boat, you might be surprised that automobile fuel pumps as well as marine fuel pumps are being sold for boats. Actually, mechanical and electrical fuel ... and that you are following coast guard rules and regulations, always use marine parts for your boat.

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Answer : You may not think much of the shelf lined with fuel filters at your local auto parts and supply store, but it is one of the most important parts of your engine. Some people don't pay much ... worries. If you're interested reading this article, might as well read how to replace an oil filter.

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Answer : How to Install a New Fuel Tank Fuel tanks can wear out over time, developing leaks or even being punctured. What you need to do now is replace the fuel tank. Although a mechanic can do this easily for ... new one? Just follow these easy steps and you'll get this in no time. Remember, safety first!