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For any type of consumer the ideal tariff is three part tariff.

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Answer : In Hopknison demand rate or two part tariff the demand rate or fixed charges are dependent upon the maximum demand of the consumer.

Answer : In two part tariff, variation in load factor will affect operating or running charges.

Answer : For a consumer the most economical power factor is generally 0.95 lagging .

Answer : A consumer has to pay lesser fixed charges in maximum demand tariff.

Description : List the different types of tariff.

Answer : Various types of Tariff:-  1) Flat-demand Tariff  2) Simple-demand Tariff or Uniform Tariff  3) Flat-rate Tariff  4) Step-rate Tariff  5) Block-rate Tariff  6) Two-part Tariff  7) Maximum demand Tariff ... c) KW and KVAR Tariff 10) TOD (Time of Day) Tariff 11) TOU ( Time of Usage) Tariff

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