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Hydroelectric power plant is expected to have the longest life.

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Answer : Power plant having maximum demand more than the installed rated capacity will have utilisation factor more than unity.

Description : The overall efficiency of Thermal Power Plant is equal to _______________ .  (A) Regenerative Cycle Efficiency (B) Renkine Cycle Efficiency (C) Carnot cycle efficiency (D) None of the above

Answer : The overall efficiency of Thermal Power Plant is equal to Regenerative Cycle Efficiency. 

Answer : In a power plant if the maximum demand on the plant is equal to the plant capacity, then plant reserve capacity will be zero.

Description : What are the criteria for selection of site for hydroelectric power plant?

Answer : Following Factors to be kept while site selecting for Hydro power plant:  1. It should be located where high rain fall occurs. 2. A large catchments area must be available to store water. 3. It ... 12. Cost of land should be less. 13. Skilled and unskilled man power should be available nearby.

Description : Explain the function of different parts of a typical nuclear power plant with neat sketch. 

Answer : Functions of each part of Nuclear power plant:-  1) Nuclear Reactor: In nuclear reactor the fuel rod of U235 is placed through which tremendous amount of heat energy is ... is mechanically coupled with steam turbine. 8) Alternator: It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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