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In two part tariff, variation in load factor will affect operating or running charges.

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Answer : In Hopknison demand rate or two part tariff the demand rate or fixed charges are dependent upon the maximum demand of the consumer.

Description : If we change the excitation of synchronous machine will it affect on power factor?

Answer : Yes, If we change the excitation of synchronous machine it will affect on power factor. If the synchronous motor is overexcited then it will have leading power factor and if the motor is underexcited then it will have lagging power factor.

Description : Define the terms: i) Tariff ii) Fuel surcharge iii) Electricity Duty iv) Connected load

Answer : i) Tariff: The rate at which a consumer is charged for the consumption of electricity is called as tariff. OR The amount of money framed by the supplier for the supply of electrical energy ... is the total wattage of all appliances which are used by the consumer on his sanctioned connection. 

Description : Define the following terms related to tariff: (i) Connected load (ii) Unit consumed (iii) Fixed charges (iv) Electricity Tax 

Answer : (i) Connected load  It is the sum of the power ratings (Watts or kW or MW) of all devices and machines existing (installed) in the premises of consumer. It is used to decide the ... a percentage of the total electricity bill which includes all amounts that go to the electricity supply agency. 

Description : Discuss how power factor tariff results into energy conservation.

Answer : Power factor tariff results into energy conservation: i) Applying incentives and penalties according to power factor is an effective way, which enables consumer to improve power factor so that he can ... finally leads to reduction in the current drawn by the load and helps for energy conservation.