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Depreciation charges are high in case of thermal plant.

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Answer : Annual depreciation as per straight line method, is calculated by the capital cost minus the salvage value, is divided by the number of years of life.

Answer : In Hopknison demand rate or two part tariff the demand rate or fixed charges are dependent upon the maximum demand of the consumer.

Answer : A consumer has to pay lesser fixed charges in maximum demand tariff.

Description : Define the following terms related to tariff: (i) Connected load (ii) Unit consumed (iii) Fixed charges (iv) Electricity Tax 

Answer : (i) Connected load  It is the sum of the power ratings (Watts or kW or MW) of all devices and machines existing (installed) in the premises of consumer. It is used to decide the ... a percentage of the total electricity bill which includes all amounts that go to the electricity supply agency. 

Description : Can the electric field between two positive charges be zero?

Answer : It  can  only  if  they  have  equal  charges.

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