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Series capacitors on transmission lines are of little use when the load VAR requirement is small.

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Answer : Series capacitors are used to compensate for line inductive reactance.

Description : State the effects of low power factor on efficiency and voltage regulation of short transmission lines. 

Answer : i) Effect of Low power factor on efficiency:- When power factor of load reduces current drawn by transmission line increases so copper losses in transmission line increases, hence transmission ... increases, so voltage drop in transmission line increases so regulation increases. (Become Poor) 

Description : State the classification of transmission lines depending on length of transmission lines. 

Answer : A) According to Voltage level: ( 2 Marks)  a) High voltage Transmission Line (HV) up to 33 KV  b) Extra High Voltage Transmission Line (EHV) above 33 KV up to 400 KV  c) Ultra ... Transmission Line: - The length of Long transmission Line is above 200KM and its line voltage is above 100KV

Description : Why are overhead transmission lines not insulated?

Answer : Insulators are useful to help separate electrical conductors when they come into physical contact. Overhead Transmission Lines Are Not Insulated: The overhead transmission line is carrying extreme high voltage and ... a whole lot of thick insulation to absorb the heat produced by such high voltage.

Description : If a 5-bus test system contains 6 transmission lines and one transformer, how many non-zero elements are there in the system Y-bus ? (A) 25 (B) 12 (C) 11 (D) 19

Answer : If a 5-bus test system contains 6 transmission lines and one transformer, 19 non-zero elements are there in the system Y-bus.

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