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An isolator is installed generally on both sides of a circuit breaker.

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Description : Isolator in substation is open under ___________ condition?  (A) No load (B) Short circuit (C) Full load (D) None of the above

Answer : no load

Answer : For cost and safety, the outdoor substations are installed for voltages above 33 kV.

Description : Write working of opto coupler as an isolator.

Answer : Optocoupler is as shown in fig. it consist of LED as an light source and phototransistor act as light detector.  When input pulse is applied LED turns ON.Light emitted by LED focused on CB ... starts flowing.As input pulse reduces to zero LED turns OFF collector current becomes zero. 

Description : Sequence of operation of isolator and circuit breaker while opening and closing

Answer : Sequence of operation of Isolator and C.B while opening & closing is as below:  While Opening:   1. Open circuit breaker  2. Open Isolator  3. Close earthing switch  While Closing:  ... breaker is open  2. Open earthing switch  3. Close isolator  4. Close circuit breaker

Description : How is marble floor installed?

Answer : After the cladding tiles made from natural marble began to appear on the market, it became possible to arrange real marble floors. Increasingly, marble floors can be found in residential mansions and ... . It is also desirable to treat the surface of the marble with a protective polymerizing film.