What’s the biggest problem in our society?

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Description : What do you hope will be your biggest lifetime contribution to society?

Description : What’s one of the biggest purchases you made, and how did you negotiate the transaction?

Description : What’s the biggest meal you ever had?

Description : What’s the biggest personality change you’ve undergone?

Description : Research in the field of juvenile delinquency would lead the teachers and parents to believe that Options: A) It is primarily a problem of foreigners in our society B) It is even worse in rural areas ... ) It is disease of society limited to low economic areas D) It is a problem having many roots

Answer : D) It is a problem having many roots 

Description : What was your biggest addiction in life?

Description : Who has made the biggest impact on you? Explain.

Description : Who’s the biggest “pack rat” you know?

Description : Would you like to live in a utopian society?

Description : Do you think religious holidays have become too commercialized by society? Why or why not?

Description : What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

Description : The solution is to gradually become free of societal rewards and learn how to substitute for them rewards that are under one's own powers. This is not to say that we should abandon every goal endorsed by society; ... or instead of the goals others use to bribe us with, we develop a set of our own. 

Description : What’s the biggest vehicle you’ve driven?

Description : The primary task of a teacher is Options: A) to teach the prescribed curriculum B) to prepare students to pass their examination C) to make them a thinking people D) to modify their behaviour according to the needs of our society and country.

Answer : D) to modify their behaviour according to the needs of our society and country. 

Description : Which of the following is not a central problem of a society (a) What to produce ; (b) How to produce ; (c) For whom to produce ; (d) What to eat

Answer : (d) What to eat

Description : Which of the following is not a central problem of a society (a) What to produce ; (b) How to produce ; (c) For whom to produce ; (d) Where to produce

Answer : (d) Where to produce

Description : Normative economic theory deals with (a) What is or how the economic problem facing the society are solved; (b) How the problem should be solved ; (c) What to Produce ; (d) How to produce

Answer : (b) How the problem should be solved ;

Description : The main economic problem faced by all society is. a) Unemployment b) Inequality c) Poverty d) Scarcity

Answer : Answer- d

Description : What role does trust play in our everyday relationships? 

Description : If many of our momentary impulses lead us to bad places, why do they even exist?

Description : If our world was a simulation, would you prefer to know?

Description : Is there anything about our school you appreciate now, that you didn’t appreciate before?

Description : Do you ever think about our school days?

Description : Have you seen any of our old teachers recently?

Description : What’s missing in your life? What one thing would make your life complete?

Description : What’s the best remedy for anxiety caused by speaking in front of a large group of people?

Description : What’s the best approach to use in negotiating a fair purchase price for a car?

Description : What’s the best way to negotiate a raise in salary?

Description : What’s the story behind a time when a car you were in broke down?

Description : What’s the worst weather situation you’ve been in? Explain. 

Description : What’s your favorite room in your home? Why?

Description : What’s something that people do in traffic that really bothers you?

Description : What’s your favorite restaurant in town?

Description : What’s your focus in life right now?

Description : What’s your proudest moment in life?

Description : What’s the best greeting card you ever received?

Description :  What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Description :  What’s the most cowardly thing you’ve ever done? 

Description : What’s your most prized or sentimental possession? Explain.

Description : What’s an example of your passive-aggressive side?

Description : What’s the closest you’ve ever come to thinking you didn’t deserve to live? Explain.

Description : What’s the most significant loss you’ve experienced?

Description : What’s something you consider too daring to try?

Description : What’s the closest you’ve come to having an epiphany?

Description : What’s something about you that no one knows?

Description : What’s the most serious illness or injury you ever faced?

Description : What’s one thing you know for sure?

Description : What’s the difference between intelligence and wisdom? 

Description : What’s unforgivable?

Description : What’s your position on capital punishment?

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