why vlsi is important in modern days ?

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Because the use of VLSI is increasing in modern days. Technology is getting advanced day by day. More and more features are adding in small chips.

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Description : Why do we use VLSI?

Answer : VLSI is Very Large Scale Integration. VLSI is very useful for compact design. More functionalities in smaller size. VLSI IC have small power consumption as compared to discrete components circuit. VLSI can be use for different functions in compact size.

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Answer : Optical lithography method that uses light to print a pattern in a photosensitive material is also called photolithography.

Answer : VLSI is small and consume less power and its designing is easy.

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Answer : Nanometer is a ametric measure of distance equivalent to one billionth of a meter.

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Answer : The loss of heat takes place by conduction, convection and radiation. Thermal insulators prevent this loss of heat. They act as barriers or retarders in the passage of heat. Due to this property thermal insulator is very important in various industries.

Description : Triple DES a. is a symmetric key encryption method b. guarantees excellent security c. is implementable as a hardware VLSI chip d. is public key encryption method with three keys. 

Answer : b. guarantees excellent security  

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Answer : c. i and iii 

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Answer : Scientific discoveries must be communicated. Therefore, reading and writing are essential for scientists.

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Answer : Scientists can better understand the nature of more distant objects in space. 

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Description : An increase in gate’s fan-out  (A) increases the propagation delay  (B) decreases the propagation delay  (C) have no effect on the propagation delay  (D) all are incorrect

Answer : An increase in gate’s fan-out increases the propagation delay 

Description : The propagation delay in a CMOS inverter is  (A) proportional to (W/L) ratio  (B) inversely proportional to (W/L) ratio  (C) independent of (W/L) ratio  (D) depends only on W

Answer : The propagation delay in a CMOS inverter is inversely proportional to (W/L) ratio 

Description : In similar sized NMOS and PMOS transistor, NMOS is ____ than PMOS (A) Faster (B) Slower (C) Same speed (D) None of the above

Answer : In similar sized NMOS and PMOS transistor, NMOS is Faster  than PMOS

Description : explain skin effect in copper interconnects. what are the various ways of reducing this effect?

Answer : Skin effect generally observed in ac conductor in transmission network, in skin the current flowing through outer layer of conductor is more than iner area of conductor thus we can say the ... for reducing this effect we can use boundel conductor or used hollow conductor for power transmission

Description : TTL logic family is most popularly used industries because it  1.provides greater operating speed 2.has a good fan in & fan out 3.has easy interface with other digital circuitry 4.all the above 

Answer : It is a basically a bipolar circuit which has TTL band hate fan fan out

Description : What are the advantages of CMOS over NMOS?

Answer : Advantages of CMOS technology over NMOS are as follows. Very low static power consumption Reduce the complexity of the circuit High density of logic functions on a chip Low static power consumption High noise immunity

Description : What do you mean by LSI?

Answer : large-scale integration (LSI) term usually used to describe the level of integration at which entire integrated circuits can be placed on a single chip. An integrated circuit made of hundreds to thousands of transistors.

Description : What do you mean by VHDL?

Answer : VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation to describe digital and mixed-signal systems such as field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits. VHDL can also be used as a general purpose parallel programming language.

Description : What is the propagation delay of a logic gate?

Answer : The application input pulse and the occurrence of resulting output pulse is called propagation delay of logic gate.

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Answer : list of products which have Integrated circuit. Mobile phone Calculator Printers Scanners Radio devices ... etc. These are some products name which have integrated circuit.

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Answer : Safety Devices used in Automobile: 1) Exhaust Brake: The function of exhaust brake is to slow down continuously over a large distance 2) Central Locking: The function of central locking ... minimize the injury to the passenger or driver when vehicle stopped suddenly or comes across the accident.

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Answer : Reason of synchromesh gear box preferred over constant mesh gearbox  1) No need of double declutching as in case of constant mesh gearbox.  2) Smooth engagement of higher gears due to synchromesh ... lay shaft gears to main shaft gear and then to the main shaft through synchronizer device 

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Answer : The rise in the cost of utilities and heat energy makes today more and more often think about ways to protect buildings from heat loss. And this is no coincidence, because in this way you can ... , glue insulation, reinforce the surface. But the final finishing should still be done in warm weather.

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Answer : (c) Modern information systems enable people to evaluate a range of possible outcomes 

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Answer : (d) All the three

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Answer : To survive and remains competitive in the global economy. 2. To developed best method, system, and practices to enhance the process. 3. To meet increasing market demand for high quality product at lower cost. 4. To improve skilled resources. 

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Answer : ANSWER: W -- PLUTONIUM-238

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Answer : ANSWER: 1987 (It is called 1987w)

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