Did you ever have an annoying friend?

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Description : Did you ever have to take care of an old/ill relative?

Description : Did you ever want to have an exotic or dangerous animal for a pet?

Description : Have you ever broken or spilled something in someone else’s home? Did you try to cover it up or fix it so it would go unnoticed? Explain.

Description : Have you ever been let off the hook for a punishment you deserved? How did that make you feel?

Description : Did you ever have a mentor?

Description : Did you ever have to leave your pet behind while moving to a new place?

Description : Did you ever have a penpal?

Description : Would you ever give up your life for a friend or family member? Why or why not?

Description : Were you ever betrayed by a friend?

Description : Who has been your friend the longest? How and when did you meet him or her? 

Description : What kind of “perfect relationship” would you want with an ideal hypothetical friend that you don’t actually have?

Description : When did you ever immediately “click” with someone you just met? What was the longterm result? To what do you attribute that kind of connection?

Description : Did you ever learn to swim? If so, how did you learn? Describe your experience.

Description : As a child, did you ever peek into a wrapped gift before you actually received it? Did you ever get caught? Explain the details.

Description : Did you ever cheat on a school exam? Describe the situation.

Description : Did a sibling or childhood peer ever tease or torment you? Share the details. 

Description : Did you or someone you know ever talk a police officer out of writing a ticket? Describe the situation.

Description : What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen, and who did you see it with?

Description : Did you ever suspect you were adopted?

Description : Did you ever feel like you’d be best buddies with someone famous that you never even met?

Description : Did you ever run away from home?

Description : Did you ever consider joining the army?

Description : Have you ever suggested an idea for change that was adopted? What was it?

Description : Do you have a friend of a friend who has a friend who’s famous?

Description : Who is the closest friend you’ve ever had? Describe that relationship.

Description : Have you ever felt excluded? Explain the situation and how it made you feel.

Description : Have you ever felt like you were taking three steps forward but two steps back? Explain.

Description : Have you ever gotten caught doing something you shouldn’t have done? Describe the occasion.

Description : Have you ever been falsely accused? Describe the situation and how you felt about it.

Description : Have you ever violated a confidence? Describe what happened.

Description : What’s the most adventurous or daring thing you have ever done?

Description : Have you ever had a challenging roommate situation? What was difficult about it?

Description : Have you ever participated in a long distance walking, running, or biking event? Tell your story

Description : Have you (or someone you know) ever been on national television? Describe the situation.

Description : Have you ever served on jury duty? If so, what was the case about? If not, would you like to be on a jury in the future? 

Description : Have you ever had a premonition that actually came true? Explain.

Description : Have you ever helped a total stranger? If so, how?

Description : Have you ever seen or called a psychic? What was your experience like?

Description : Have you ever purchased anything from a telemarketer? If so, what was it? If not, why didn’t you?

Description : Who’s the most famous person you have ever met? What famous person would you most like to meet? 

Description : Have you ever read a self-help book that actually helped?

Description : Have you ever had a job without a contract?

Description : Have you ever felt addicted to junk food?

Description : Have you ever wanted to hop on a random train and see where it gets you?

Description : Have you ever been in a fight?

Description : Have you ever seriously considered dropping everything and living a simpler life, away from everything?

Description : Have you ever went truly berserk?

Description : Have you ever stolen from a supermarket?

Description : Have you ever successfully given up a bad habit?

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