What’s the first thing you would look at if you were choosing an apartment to rent?

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Description : What’s one thing you would rather pay someone to do than do yourself? Why?

Description : What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”? 

Description : Do you think I know you well? (Follow up: What’s one thing that would make me know you better?)

Description : How to rent a good apartment?

Answer : How to rent a good apartment? Any young couple wants to build relationships without interference and pressure from their parents. Therefore, in order to avoid conflict situations, many couples are forced ... , and the terms of payment. Then your temporary home will definitely become a cozy nest.

Description : What’s the stupidest thing you’d do if you had a week left to live?

Description : When you were a kid, did you look forward to being an adult?

Description : What’s the silliest thing you’d do if you had unlimited money and resources?

Description : What’s the most useful thing you learned at school?

Description : What’s the most ridiculous thing you secretly believed at some point?

Description : Would you steal or beg for food if you were homeless with no money, and working was not an option for some reason?

Description : How would your morning routine look if you had a few more hours before work?

Description : If you had the power to create one thing perfectly, just as you imagined it, what would it be?

Description : What’s missing in your life? What one thing would make your life complete?

Description : If you were a band leader – what kinda music do you play and what’s your band called?

Description : If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?

Answer : If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for? Answer tips Be careful to mention traits that are needed and that you have. That can be: Qualification, attitude, team ... . Research the employer profile thoroughly, the aims of their recruitment and what are your task/roles.

Description : What would you do to pass time if you were shut inside a small cabin, alone for 3 months, high up in the mountains?

Description : How would you spend your time if you were imprisoned in a room for life but had unlimited options inside of it, except for human contact?

Description : What would a perfect vacation look like to you?

Description : What’s one thing you know for sure?

Description : What’s the most adventurous or daring thing you have ever done?

Description : What’s the best thing you ever built or created?

Description : What’s the most important thing about you?

Description : What’s one thing you know that I definitely don’t?

Description : What’s the craziest thing you did on a dare?

Description : If someone came up to you and said “Hey, do that thing you do!”, what thing would pop into your head first?

Description : Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart. For most people, if they were asked to draw a picture of what the lungs look like they would draw both looking roughly the ... left making it take up more room on that side of the body and crowding out that poor left lung.

Description : What’s the story behind a time when a car you were in broke down?

Description : If you started with 100 grams of each of the materials below and they all vaporized inside of an inflatable balloon, which of them would produce the largest volume balloon, assuming they were all at the same temperature? w) water x) gasoline y) ethanol z) butane 

Answer : ANSWER: W -- WATER 

Description : How does a perfect day at work look like to you?

Description : What’s your all-time favorite band, and what would you give to meet them?

Description : 1. Rutherford's scattering experiment related to the size of which thing? 2. What is the permissible level of noise in a silent zone at daytime? 3. Which groups of items contains only biodegradable items? ... be the shortest day in Australia? 20. To which age the Painted Grey Ware (PGW) belongs?

Answer : Answer : 1. Nucleus 2. 75 dB. 3. Wood, Grass, Leather 4. Rio de Janeiro 5. Indo-Greeks6. Stigma 7. Both Houses of Parliament 8. Solar mass 9. Northern and eastern 10. Gandhar 11. Mixed ... Agni 16. Union Government 17. Gun powder 18. A pilotless training aircraft 19. June 21 20. The Vedic age

Description : In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest from their last previously established camp at an altitude of 27,900 feet (barometric pressure ... degrees Celsius x) boiled at 68 degrees Celsius y) not boiled at any temperature z) sublimed


Description :  What’s your least favorite thing to do? Why?

Description : How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Description : When making an entrance into a social gathering, do you make your presence known so everyone notices you, slip in and look for someone you know, or sneak in as quietly as possible and find a safe spot to hide? Why?

Description : If you had to be eaten by an animal, which one would it be?

Description : Would you fly a jet plane into an erupting volcano… if after dying, you’d immediately come back to life as if nothing happened? You know, just for a new experience…

Description :  What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Description :  What’s the most cowardly thing you’ve ever done? 

Description : What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen someone else do?

Description : What’s the worst tasting thing you’ve ever eaten?

Description : What’s the best thing that happened this year so far?

Description : What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since joining this company?

Description : What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Description : What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned from your parents?

Description : What’s one thing you’d change about yourself?

Description : What’s the last good thing you’ve done for someone?

Description : What’s the best/worst thing about having a smartphone?

Description : What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Description : How old were you when you first felt like a man?

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