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The material used for fuse must have low melting point and high specific resistance.

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Description : State the material used for making (1) Magnetic Core (2) Fuse element  

Answer : The material used for making of:  (1) Magnetic Core : Iron, cobalt, Nickel, CRGO, HRGO , silicon steel  (2) Fuse Element: Tin- lead wire, Tinned copper wire 

Description : The material used in liquid fuses is  (1) SF6 (3) carbon tetra chloride (2) distilled water (4) transformer oil

Answer : The material used in liquid fuses is  carbon tetra chloride

Description : State properties of conductor material used for overhead conductor. 

Answer : Following are the properties of conductor material:-   1. High conductivity :- Material should have high conductivity 2. High mechanical strength:- Material should have sufficiently high mechanical strength ... available & less costly. 9. Scrap Value: - Material should have high scrap value. 

Description : Name the material used for :- (i) Moving coil (ii) Permanent magnet in PMMC instrument.

Answer : (i) Material used for Moving coil: Copper, Aluminum( some times)  (ii) Permanent magnets are made of special alloys such as :  Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt (Alnicos)  Strontium-Iron  Neodymium-Iron-Boron  Samarium-Cobalt.

Description : State the material used for moving coil and former for PMMC instruments. 

Answer : Material Used for Moving Coil and Former for PMMC Instruments:  Material used for moving coil: Copper  Material used for Former: Aluminium