what is transformer ?
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Answer :

Transformer is a device which is used to convert AC electricity from one voltage to another voltage without any change in frequency .
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Description : What is the back E.M.F in Transformer ?

Answer : Back emf in transformer is when apply voltage in primary side of transformer. This voltage produce flux according to Faraday law electro magnetic induction. This flux called mutual flux and this ... secondary flux oppos the applied voltage according to lenz law. its called back emf of transformer

Description : What is an isolation transformer? State any two applications of isolation transformer.

Answer : i) Isolation transformers are specially designed transformers for providing electrical isolation between primary & secondary windings. The transformer has primary and secondary windings placed on the common core ... ground: ii) Reduction of voltage spikes iii) It acts as a decoupling device.

Description : State what is the significance of conducting phasing out test on a 3-phase transformer? Explain its procedure with a suitable connection diagram.

Answer : -Short primary & secondary winding of other phases expect the one under test. -Connect voltmeter to secondary winding. -A small DC current is circulated through the primary winding through ... . -The test repeated for finding out remaining concerned secondary windings in the same manner.