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Series reactors should have low resistance.

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Description : Series reactors are used to

Answer : Series reactors are used to bring down the fault level within the capacity of the switchgear

Description : List out main components of Reactors. 

Answer : List the main components of Reactors:  1. Core 2. Nuclear fuel (U235) 3. Moderator 4. Control Rod 5. Reflector 6. Reactor vessel 7. Shielding  

Description : How are nuclear reactors controlled? Explain two different methods in brief.

Answer : Nuclear reactor is controlled using control rods: Control rods are made up of very high neutron absorbing material like boron, cadmium. By adjusting height of control rods on reactor core ... of nuclear reaction will increase. Whereas by pushing control rod towards the core it will reduce.

Answer : Series capacitors are used to compensate for line inductive reactance.

Description : Why dc series motor should not be started at no load?