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For cost and safety, the outdoor substations are installed for voltages above 33 kV.

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Description : Compare indoor and outdoor sub-station on given points : (i) Capital cost (ii) Time required for completion (iii) Availability of natural light (iv) Space required 

Answer : Sr. No.  Points Indoor substation Outdoor substation  1 Capital cost High, as construction work cost is more.  Less, as construction work cost is less 2 Time required for ... time. So it saves electrical energy & its cost 4 Space Require Less More

Answer : An isolator is installed generally on both sides of a circuit breaker.

Description : State the different types of outdoor flood lighting and where are they used.

Answer : There are three types of projectors used for flood lighting :  a) Narrow beam Projector b) Medium angle Projector c) Wide angle Projector a) Narrow beam Projectors: - Light beam with such ... yards, stadiums, car parking area etc. 3) It is used for illuminating advertisements, boarding's etc.

Description : How to Protect Outdoor Furniture

Answer : How to Protect Outdoor Furniture Outdoor furniture are made sturdy, so they can last under the harsh conditions presented by your home's outdoor environment. However, without additional protection, the ... in fact, they will make your property look tacky. So better do the necessary cleaning.