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A.C. network analyser is used to solve problems of load flow, short-circuit and stability.

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Description : Applications of Spectrum Analyser

Answer : Applications of Spectrum Analyser are as follows: i) It is used to study the RF spectrum produced in microwave instrument. ii) It is used for testing of RF interference. iii) It is used for measurement ... a parametric amplifier. xi) It is used to measure the modulation index of an AM wave.

Description : What is logic analyser?

Answer : Logic analyser is the extension of Oscilloscope. Logic analyser is used for troubleshooting digital circuits. Logic analyser can store digital data and it have 8 to 64 channels. Logic analyser are used for Hardware verification, fault analysis and automated testing.

Description : Give four steps to solve mesh analysis.

Answer : Steps to Solve Circuit using Mesh Analysis:  i) For a given planar circuit, convert each current source, if any, into voltage source,  ii) Assign a mesh current to each mesh. The direction ... find the mesh currents.  v) Using mesh currents then find the branch currents and branch voltages.

Description : Septic Tank Problems

Answer : The septic tank is the heart of any septic system. Like the human heart, the human body and the other organs are pointless without it. A septic system simply isn't the same without a septic tank. In ... it. Naturally, septic systems last a long time if cared for properly. Now you know what to do.

Description : Fuel Pump Problems

Answer : Fuel pump problems are usually caused by running a car for extended periods of time on a tank that is almost empty. This causes the fuel pump to run dry, which eventually damages the pump. Another cause ... your car to stall, bring it to the repair shop so professionals can have a look at it.