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For the protection of power station buildings against direct strokes the requirements are interception, conduction and dissipation.

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Description : "Hydro electric power station are not perennial power station". Justify.

Answer : Justification: The water utilized by the hydro power plants comes mostly from storage dams/reservoirs which get filled up during the monsoon rainy season. Such reservoirs are utilized for supplying ... are important. Hence "Hydro electric power stations are not perennial power station" 

Description : State the types of radioactive waste generated in a nuclear power station. Explain the methods employed for their disposal.

Answer : Types of radioactive waste: The waste produced in nuclear power plant is in the form of solid, liquid & gases, 1. Solid Waste Disposal:-  Solid wastes removed from the reactor are very ... are measured. If it is safe then released to atmosphere at high level through large height chimney.

Description : State any four factors governing Selection of site for thermal power station. 

Answer : Following Factors are to be considered:- 1. It should locate near coal mine. 2. Sufficient quantity of water should be available. 3. Sufficient large space should be available. 4. It should be located ... laws of the land and the town planning. 14. The interests of national defense must be served.

Answer : For high value of diversity factor, a power station of given installed capacity will be in a position to supply more number of consumers.

Description : Surge absorbers are used for protection against

Answer : Surge absorbers are used for protection against low voltage high frequency oscillations