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Answer :

Interruption of large currents by relay requires arc suppressing blow out coils, wide separation of the opened contacts, high speed opening of contacts.

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Description : What is voltage interruption?

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Description : Interruption of large currents by relay requires (a) arc suppressing blow out coils (b) wide separation of the opened contacts (c) high speed opening of contacts (d) all of the above

Last Answer : (d) all of the above

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Description : Explain following techniques related to energy conservation in transmission and distribution system. (i) By balancing phase currents (ii) Variable technical losses (I2R losses).

Last Answer : (i) Balancing Phase currents: Proper (healthy balanced) three phase loads always draw equal currents in all lines but single phase loads in the 3 phase 4 wire system or loads connected between two ... . 11) Minimize I2R losses. 12) Balance the load currents. 13) Regulate the system voltages.

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Description : The purpose of the restraining coil in a biased differential relay is  (A) To reduce CT saturation during fault.  (B) To increase the sensitivity of the relay.  (C) To match the transformation ratio.  (D) To limit the spill current through the relay during heavy external fault.

Last Answer : d

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Description : A relay used for protection of motors against overload is :  (A) Impedance relay (B) Electromagnetic attraction type (C) Thermal relay (D) Buchholz's relay

Last Answer : A relay used for protection of motors against overload is : Thermal relay

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