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Interruption of large currents by relay requires arc suppressing blow out coils, wide separation of the opened contacts, high speed opening of contacts.

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Description : What is voltage interruption?

Description : Explain following techniques related to energy conservation in transmission and distribution system. (i) By balancing phase currents (ii) Variable technical losses (I2R losses).

Answer : (i) Balancing Phase currents: Proper (healthy balanced) three phase loads always draw equal currents in all lines but single phase loads in the 3 phase 4 wire system or loads connected between two ... . 11) Minimize I2R losses. 12) Balance the load currents. 13) Regulate the system voltages.

Description : The transient currents are associated with the?

Answer : The transient currents are associated with the changes in the stored energy in the inductors and capacitors.

Answer : In a single phase power factor meter the phase difference between the currents in the two pressure coils is exactly 90°.

Answer : For handling greater currents induction wattmeters are used in conjunction with current transformers.