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Large internal faults are protected by merz price percentage differential protection.

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Answer : A transmission line is protected by distance protection, time graded and current graded overcurrent protection.

Answer : Impedance relays are used for phase faults on long line.

Description : Thyristor can be protected from over voltages by using

Answer : Thyristor can be protected from over voltages by using Voltage clamping device

Description : The internal resistances of an ideal current source, and an ideal voltage source are, respectively, (A) 0, ∞ (B) ∞, ∞ (C) ∞, 0 (D) 0,0

Answer : The internal resistances of an ideal current source, and an ideal voltage source are, respectively, ∞, 0

Description : Write down the steps involved for internal thread cutting on lathe machine.

Answer : Steps involved for internal thread cutting on lathe machine  1) Hole is first bored to the root diameter of the thread. 2) Tool is fixed on the tool post or on the boring bar adjusted the angle of ... the start. 10) Keep going until the calculated depth of cut has been reached on the top slide.

Description : List the types of Internal wiring in residential installations –

Answer : 1) Cleat wiring 2) Batten wiring 3) Wooden casing capping wiring 4) PVC conduit wiring 5) PVC casing capping wiring 6) Concealed wiring

Description : State the concept of internal voltage drop.

Answer : Concept of internal voltage drop: Every practical source offers some opposition to the current due to its internal parts or components. e.g. a 12V battery has electrodes made up of conducting ... internal voltage drop, the terminal voltage of practical voltage source is always less than its emf. 

Description : Define the following terms as referred to battery. a) E.M.F b) Internal resistance c) Ah efficiency d) WAh efficiency

Answer : a) E.M.F : The electromotive force of a battery is defined as the energy spent or the work done in taking a unit positive charge around the complete circuit of the battery i.e., in ... input required to restore the initial state of charge, under specified conditions, is called Watt-hr efficiency.

Description : What is internal voltage drop and terminal voltage?

Answer : It is not permissible to just connect the positive terminal to the negative terminal of a cell with a copper wire. It will overheat and get damaged. This happens because the electromotive force (emf) ... than the nominal voltage (emf) of the cell and this lower voltage is called terminal voltage.

Description : Sketch internal design of 4x3 ROM.

Answer : The internal design of 4x3 ROM

Description : For maximum transfer of power, internal resistance of the source should be?

Answer : For maximum transfer of power, internal resistance of the source should be equal to load resistance.

Answer : Yes BJT have internal capacitances.

Description : EPROM internal structure

Answer : EPROM (Erasable Programmable ROM): EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable ROM.Data is stored in EPROM memory cell as an electrostatic charge on highly insulated conductor. The charge can remain for ... figure shows EPROM memory cell consisting of a single NMOS filed effect transistor. 

Description : A large size synchronous generator is protected against overloads by   (a) over current relay (b) mho relay (c) temperature sensitive relay (d) Buchholz relay

Description : Differential relays detect internal faults in 3-phase transformers by (A) zero sequence currents (B) positive sequence currents (C) negative sequence currents (D) both positive and negative sequence currents

Description : For internal faults in generator, the primary protection is provided by (1) Earth fault relay (2) Differential relay (3) Induction type inverse definite minimum time relay (4) Definite minimum time relay 

Description : Protection of transformer from all types of faults is by using (A) over current relay (B) differential relay (C) distance relay (D) Buchholz relay

Description : What are causes of faults in power system? State any four harmful effects of faults.

Answer : Causes of Faults in the Power System:  1) Breaking of Conductors: It is one of major causes of faults. Breaking of conductors is due to excessive heat or because of mechanical stresses ... maintenance of machines / equipment / lines / protective system leads to faults in the power system.

Description : Reactance relays are employed for Phase faults in : (A) Short lines (B) Medium lines (C) Long lines (D) Any line

Answer : Reactance relays are employed for Phase faults in : Short lines

Description : How the alternator can be protected from inter-turn fault?

Answer : Inter-turn fault Protection: Figure shows scheme for one phase only. It is identical for other phases. Under normal working condition, the two currents in the stator winding sections (S1 and S2) are ... relay coil to operate it, leading to isolation of the alternator from the power system.

Description : State and explain the faults occur in the transformers.

Answer : Sr. No. Type of fault Explanation 1 Earth fault Due to breakdown of insulation between live conducting parts such as winding, terminals etc. and earthed metallic parts such as ... place and few turns of the same winding are shortcircuited, the inter-turn fault takes place.

Answer : Interruption of large currents by relay requires arc suppressing blow out coils, wide separation of the opened contacts, high speed opening of contacts.

Description : The potential drop between the terminals of a battery is equal to the battery's EMF when: w) no current is drawn from the battery x) a very large current is drawn from the battery y) the internal resistance of the battery is very large z) the resistance in the external circuit is small 


Description : You could remove a large part of your internal organs and survive. The human body may appear fragile but it's possible to survive even with the removal of the stomach, the spleen, 75 percent of the ... pelvic and groin area. You might not feel too great, but the missing organs wouldn't kill you.

Description : 1. By whom were the members of the Constituent Assembly elected? 2. How much does one degree of the circumference of the earth measure (approx.)? 3. Which was the dynasty that succeeded ... of High Court judges be reduced? 20. Which electromagnetic radiation is most prevalent in the atmosphere?

Answer : Answer : 1. By Provincial Assemblies 2. 111 km 3. Rashtrakutas 4. Convection 5. Agricultural farmers 6. Hamilton (Canada) 7. Decreases with height 8. Tanka 9. Cholera 10. 24 11. Efflorescence 12 ... 16. Plasma membrane 17. Cadiz (Spain) 18. Ramtanu Pande 19. During a Financial Emergency 20. Infrared

Description : 1. The World Food Prize is given by which organisation/world bodie? 2. Who are not protected against inflation? 3. For which is the southern blot technique used for the detection? 4. Which is ... the Indian sub-continent? 20. Uplift of the backward classes was the main programme of which famay?

Answer : Answer : 1. Kraft general foods 2. Agricultural farmers 3. DNA 4. Jammu and Kashmir 5. Sher Shah 6. 14 days 7. Rubber 8. 3 9. Madhya Pradesh 10. Sadashiv Rao Bhau 11. Shooting 12. ... Tamil Nadu 15. 1662 16. Amending the Constitution 17. Filter 18. Finance Bill 19. Hindukush 20. Satyashodhak Samaj

Description : Semiconductor devices are protected by a fuse and the material used is (A) silver (B) gold (C) copper (D) tin 

Answer : To prevent the decaying owing to snow and rain, the wooden poles are protected by Aluminium, Zinc, Cement cap at the top. 

Description : A loss of excitation protection scheme for large generating unit employs A) under frequency relays B) offset Mho relay C) reactance relay D) percentage differential relay

Answer : A loss of excitation protection scheme for large generating unit employs offset Mho relay

Description : GCP provides public assurance that a) Rights and safety of participants are protected b) The rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants are protected and that research data are reliable. c) Results are reliable d) Safety of participant is observed and results are reliable

Answer : b) The rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants are protected and that research data are reliable.

Description : When the inheritance is private, the private methods in base class are.................. in the derived class (in C++). (A) inaccessible (B) accessible (C) protected (D) public

Answer : (A) inaccessible

Description : Metasomatism is ______. a) The change in the bulk composition of a rock during metamorphism. b) Metamorphism caused by tectonic movements along faults. c) Metamorphism caused by tectonic movements along faults. d) The parallel alignment of minerals in a metamorphic rock.

Description : If remarks are passed by students on you, as a teacher, you will Options: A) punish them B) expel them from the college C) take revenge while evaluating internal test copies D) be impartial at the time of evaluation

Answer : D) be impartial at the time of evaluation  

Description : Internal and external factors that affect message reception by the students in the classroom are referred to as (A) feedback (B) fragmentation (C) channelization (D) noise

Answer : Answer: D

Description : 1. The salivary gland secrete saliva that contains which enzyme? 2. What does the power of judicial review ensure? 3. Total internal reflection can take place when light travels from which thing? 4. ... population? 20. Akbar founded his own religion known as Din-i-Ilahi' what was its mean?

Answer : Answer : 1 1. Ptyalin 2. The constitutionality of laws 3. Diamond to glass 4. Kuwait 5. Pallavas 6. Remain constant 7. Aryabhatta 8. Glucose 9. Wegener 10. Alauddin Khalji 11. 73rd 12. ... Dadabhai Naoroji 17. Fallopian tube 18. Ashok Mehta Committee 19. Australia, Canada and Sweden 20. Divine faith

Description : Consider a program that consists of 8 pages (from 0 to 7) and we have 4 page frames in the physical memory for the pages. The page reference string is :  1 2 3 2 5 6 3 4 6 3 7 3 1 5 3 6 3 4 2 4 3 4 5 ... to fill available page frames with pages): (A) 9 and 6 (B) 10 and 7 (C) 9 and 7 (D) 10 and 6

Answer : (B) 10 and 7

Description : A LRU page replacement is used with four page frames and eight pages. How many page faults will occur with the reference string 0172327103 if the four frames are initially empty? (A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 5 (D) 8

Answer : (B) 7

Description : Consider the reference string 0 1 2 3 0 1 4 0 1 2 3 4 If FIFO page replacement algorithm is used, then the number of page faults with three page frames and four page frames are .......... and ........... respectively. (A) 10, 9 (B) 9, 9 (C) 10, 10 (D) 9, 10

Answer : (D) 9, 10

Description : Earthquakes are generally associated with : (1) Joints (2) Faults (3) Folds (4) Schistosity

Answer : Faults

Description :  In which type of the faults given below, all of the three components Ia0, Ia1 and Ia2 are equal?  (A) Single line to ground fault (B) Double line to ground fault (C) Line to line fault (D) 3 phase faults

Answer : (A) Single line to ground fault

Description : In the early 17th century, based on his observations with a telescope, Galileo Galilei attacked a belief espoused by the church. That belief was: w) that the earth was flat. x) the sky was a large dome ... seen. y) that the earth was at the center of the universe. z) there are no other planets.


Description : Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil. If you've seen the Matrix you are aware of the energy potentially generated by the human body. Our bodies ... amount of calories keeping us at a steady 98.6 degrees, enough to boil water or even cook pasta.

Description : The document standards for EDI were first developed by large business house during the 1970s and are now under the control of the following standard organisation: (A) ISO (B) ANSI (C) ITU-T (D) IEEE

Answer : (B) ANSI

Description : The parts of human body affected by Pyria are: (1) eyes (2) small intestine (3) teeth and gums (4) large intestine

Answer :  teeth and gums

Description : The pollen grains of flowers pollinated by insects are : (1) smooth and dry (2) rough and sticky (3) rough and dry (4) large and showy

Answer : rough and sticky

Description : If an industry is characterised by economies of scale then (1) barriers to entry are not very large (2) long run unit costs of production decreases as the quantity the firm produces increases (3) ... of the large scale operation (4) the costs of entry into the market are likely to be substantial 

Answer : long run unit costs of production decreases as the quantity the firm produces increases

Description : Describe use of protected access specifier used in the class.

Answer : Protected access specifier is use to declare a class member that is accessible by the member functions within its class and any class immediately derived from it.

Description : A standardized base solution should be protected from which of the following gases? w) hydrogen x) carbon dioxide y) nitrogen z) argon


Description : Explain the following with syntactic rules: (i) public inheritance (ii) protected inheritance.

Answer : (i) public inheritance: i) When the visibility-mode is public the base class is publicly inherited. ii) In public inheritance, the public members of the base class become public members of the derived class and ... variables; Member function; }; class B : protected A { Members of class B };

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