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A differential relay measures the vector difference between two or more similar electrical quantities.

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Description : What is the difference between relay and contactor?

Answer : Relay have smaller ratings. Contactor is a high rating relay.

Description : What is the difference between a switch and a relay?

Answer : Switch is simply a mechanical contact mechanism and relay is a electromagnetic switch . Switch can be direct mechanically turn on and off but relay can be operated by energising coil .

Description : The purpose of the restraining coil in a biased differential relay is  (A) To reduce CT saturation during fault.  (B) To increase the sensitivity of the relay.  (C) To match the transformation ratio.  (D) To limit the spill current through the relay during heavy external fault.

Answer : d

Description : State the difference between energy conservation and energy audit. 

Answer : energy conservation Energy audit It is reducing the growth of energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary usage of energy It is an inspection, survey & analysis of energy flows ... Various measuring instruments, with proper sensing elements are required for the energy audit. 

Description : What's the difference between electronic and electrical