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Answer :

Greater the secondary leakage flux less will be the secondary induced e.m.f.

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Last Answer : The leakage flux in a transformer depends upon load current.

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Description : 27] In a transformer, the leakage flux of each winding is proportional to the current in that winding because A. Ohm's law applies to magnetic circuits B. Leakage paths do no saturate C. the two windings are electrically isolated D. mutual flux is confined to the core

Last Answer : B. Leakage path do not saturate

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Last Answer : The use of higher flux density in the transformer design reduces weight per kVA.

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Last Answer : The value of flux involved in the e.m.f. equation of a transformer is maximum value.

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Description : The path of magnetic flux in a transformer should have?

Last Answer : The path of magnetic flux in a transformer should have low reluctance.

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