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In a transformer, the tappings are generally provided on low voltage side.

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Answer : Spacers are provided between adjacent coils to provide free passage to the cooling oil.

Description : Explain the effect of Harmonics on the Transformer.

Answer : Effect of Harmonics on the Transformer:  1. Core loss: Harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current losses in the lamination. The amount of the core loss depends on ... small core vibrations.  5. Saturation problem: Sometimes additional harmonic voltage causes core saturation.

Description : Write about transformer on DC.

Answer : Transformer on DC : Transformer cannot work on DC. Transformer works on electromagnetic induction principle. Electromagnetic induction principle means when flux linking with coil changes and EMF induced in it ... winding insulation will burn.

Description : The size of a transformer core will depend on?

Answer : The size of a transformer core will depend on frequency and area of the core.

Description : An open-circuit test on a transformer is conducted primarily to measure?

Answer : The open-circuit test in a transformer is used to measure