what is vacuum tube?
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Answer :

A vacuum tube is a tube with no air particles.
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Description : What is the value of susceptibility in case of vacuum? A) 1 B) 0.5 C) ∞ D) 0 

Answer : What is the value of susceptibility in case of vacuum? A) 1 B) 0.5 C) ∞ D) 0 

Description : Relative permeability of vacuum is?

Answer : Relative permeability of vacuum is 1.

Description : What is vacuum forming?

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Description : Draw the wiring diagram of fluorescent tube. Explain the working of choke and starter. 

Answer : Fluorescent lamp:- Operation:- When switch is ON current flows through the choke-filament no1- starter-filament no. 2- to neutral, At that time choke induces high voltage which is applied to ... at the time of starting. ii) Starter: To make and break the circuit to start the tube. 

Description : Draw the constructional detail of C type bourdon tube and explain its working. 

Answer : Explanation : The C-shaped Bourdon tube has a hollow, elliptical cross section. It is closed at one end and is connected to the fluid pressure at the other end. When pressure is applied, ... the maximum operating pressure of the system or portion of the system in which the gauge is installed.