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Harmonics in transformer result in increased core losses, increased I2R losses, and magnetic interference with communication circuits.

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Description : Explain the effect of Harmonics on the Transformer.

Answer : Effect of Harmonics on the Transformer:  1. Core loss: Harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current losses in the lamination. The amount of the core loss depends on ... small core vibrations.  5. Saturation problem: Sometimes additional harmonic voltage causes core saturation.

Answer : The main reason for generation of harmonics in a transformer could be saturation of core.

Description : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using (A) fractional-pitch windings (B) fractional-slot windings (C) integral-slot windings (D) distributed windings

Answer : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using fractional-slot windings

Description : State the need for reduction of harmonics in inverters. Enlist the various methods for reduction of harmonics in inverter output.

Description : What is mitigation of harmonics?