Compare PAM, PWM, and PPM on the basis of i. Variable characteristics ii. Bandwidth iii. Information contained in iv. Transmitted power

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Compare PAM, PWM, and PPM on the basis of i. Variable characteristics ii. Bandwidth iii. Information contained in iv. Transmitted power


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Description : Differentiate between AM and FM on the basis of: (i) Definition (ii) Bandwidth (iii) Modulation Index (iv) Application

Answer : Compare AM and FM on the basis of i)Definition ii)Bandwidth iii) Wave propogation iv)Number of sidebands

Description : Define PAM, PWM, and PPM. Draw waveforms.

Answer : Pulse amplitude modulation is defined as a process of varying the amplitude of the carrier pulse in accordance to the modulating signal variations. Pulse width modulation is defined as a ... of varying the position of the carrier pulse, in accordance to the modulating signal variations.

Description : Encryption is required to (i) protect business information from eavesdropping when it is transmitted on internet (ii)efficiently use the bandwidth available in PSTN (iii) to protect information stored in companies' databases from ... a. i and ii b. ii and iii c. iii and iv d. i and iv

Answer : d. i and iv 

Description : Compare between class A and class B amplifier on the basis of (i) Efficiency (ii) Power (iii) Position of Q- point (iv) O/P distortion

Answer : Parameter Class A Class B 

Description : Compare Class A ,Class B, Class C and class AB power amplifiers on the basis of: i)Angle of conduction ii)Efficiency iii)Position of operating pointing power dissipation iv)Distortion

Answer : Compare Class A ,Class B, Class C and class AB power amplifiers on the basis of: i)Angle of conduction ii)Efficiency iii)Position of operating pointing power dissipation iv)Distortion

Description : Compare ground wave and space wave propagation on the basis of: (i) Frequency range (ii) Method of propagation.

Answer : Compare ground wave and space wave propagation on the basis of: (i) Frequency range (ii) Method of propagation.

Description : Define the following terms related to antennas; (i) Antenna resistance (ii) Directivity (iii) Antenna gain (iv) Power density

Answer : Antenna Resistance - The resistance of an antenna has two components: 1. Its radiation resistance due to conversion of power into electromagnetic waves 2. The resistance due to actual losses in the ... the transmitter power divided by the surface area of a sphere (4πR2) at that distance.

Description : Describe with respect to antenna (i) radiation pattern (ii) directive gain (iii) power gam (iv) polarization

Answer : (i) Radiation pattern:-A graph or diagram which tells us about the manner in which an antenna radiates more power in different directions is known as the radiation patteren of antenna.  ( ... as the direction of the electric vector in the electromagnetic wave radiated by the transmitting antenna. 

Description : In a FM system, the maximum deviation is 75KHz. Find bandwidth for modulating frequency i. fm=500Hz ii. fm=5KHz iii. fm=10KHz Draw conclusion for bandwidth of FM from answer.

Answer : Given deviation∆=75kHz i) fm=500Hz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+500)=151kHz  ii). fm=5KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+5k)=160KHz iii) fm=10KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+10k)=170KHz As the modulating frequency increases bandwidth also increases.

Description : Compare detonation and diesel knock on the basis of (i) Fuel Ignition Temperature (ii) Compression Ratio (iii) Speed (iv) inlet temperature (v) inlet pressure (vi) cylinder wall temperature (vii) cylinder size 

Answer : Comparison between detonation and diesel knock: Parameter To avoid Detonation in SI Engine  To avoid Diesel knock i) Fuel Ignition Temperature High Low ii) Compression Ratio ... Cylinder wall temperature Low High viii) Cylinder size Small Large

Description : Compare floor inspection and centralized inspection on the basis of (i) Definition. (ii) Measuring instruments used (iii) Suitability. (iv) Mode of inspection.

Answer : Parameters Floor Inspection Centralized Inspection Definition. Inspection is done at the place where the part is made or assembled is called floor inspection. The inspection is done ... Mode of inspection. Online inspection is possible Offline inspection needs to be done.

Description : Compare Brazing and Soldering on the basis of : (i) Temperature Used. (ii) Filler Material. (iii) Joint Strength (iv) Applications.

Answer : Comparison of Brazing and Soldering:

Description : Compare series and parallel resonance on the basis of (i) Resonating frequency (ii) Impedance (iii) Current (iv) Magnification

Answer : S. No . Parameter Series Circuit Parallel Circuit 1 Resonating frequency 2 Impedance Minimum, Z = R Maximum, Z = L/CR 3 Current Maximum, I ... , I = V/(L/CR)  4 Magnification Voltage magnification takes place Current magnification takes place

Description : Compare CC and PC of wattmeter on the basis of:- (i) Connection (ii) Status (iii) Number of turns (iv) Gauge of wire.

Answer : Particulars Current coil (CC) Pressure coil (PC) Connection Connected in series with load Connected in parallel with load Status It is fixed coil in wattmeter It is moving coil in ... number of turns It is having more number of turns Gauge of wire Less More

Description : Compare between BJT and FET on the basis of (i) Biolar/Unipolar (ii) Tharmal Runaway (iii) Noise (iv) Applications

Answer : Parameter BJT FET Bipolar/Unipolar It is bipolar device i.e. current in this device is carried by electrons and holes. It is unipolar device i.e. current ... in oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters and other measuring and testing equipment because of their high input impedance.

Description : Compare BJT common base configuration with common collector configuration on the basis of (i) Current gain (ii) Voltage gain (iii) Input impedance (iv) Output impedance

Answer : Parameter Common Base Common Collector Current gain Low (About 1) High (1+β) Voltage gain High 1  Input impedance  Low High Output impedance High Low

Description : a) For a transmission line, Find SWR and reflection coefficient R if, i. There is no reflected voltage. ii. Reflected voltage and incident voltage is equal. iii. If reflected voltage=20V and incident voltage=10V. iv. If reflected voltage=10V and incident voltage =20V.

Answer : reflection coefficient R=Vr/Vi i. There is no reflected voltage. i.e,Vr=0 R=0 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1 ii. Reflected voltage and incident voltage is equal. Vr=Vi; R=1 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1+1/1-1=infinity iii. If reflected ... and incident voltage =20V. Vr=10 and Vi=20 R=10/20=0.5 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1+.5/1-.5=3 

Description : Compare the SI and CI engine on the basis of: (i) Compression Ratio (ii) Operating Speed (iii) Power O/P per weight.

Answer : Parameter SI Engine CI Engine (i) Compression Ratio Compression ratio is low, about 10:1 limited by detonation Compression ratio is higher, about 18:1 to 22:1 (ii) ... due to lower compression ratio. Power output is more than SI engine due to higher compression ratio.

Description : Write one application of following antenna i. Rectangular antenna ii. Dish antenna iii. Yagi-Uda antenna iv. Horn antenna 

Answer : i. Rectangular antenna is used in direction finding in portable recievers. ii. Dish antenna is used to transmit and receive signal from satellite. iii. Yagi-Uda antenna is used in HF and VHF range as a TV receiving antenna. iv. Horn antenna is used in satellite tracking.

Description : Draw radiation pattern for following antenna i) Yagi-Uda antenna ii) Loop antenna iii) Dish antenna iv) Horn antenna

Answer : Type of antenna Radiation Patteren  Yagi-Uda antenna Loop antenna Dish antenna Horn antenna 

Description : Define the following terms: (i) Polarization (ii) Antenna gain (iii)Antenna resistance (iv)Directivity

Answer : i) Polarization:- It is defined as the direction of electric field vector in the EM wave radiated by the transmitting antenna. ii) Antenna Gain:- Antenna gain is defined as the ratio of ... in only one direction in which the radiation is maximum. That is directivity = Max. directive gain

Description : For AM, fc =500kHz , fm = 5 kHz Determine: (i) Upper and lower sideband frequencies (ii) Bandwidth

Answer : Given data fc = 500KHz , fm = 5KHz USB =fc+fm USB = 500+5  =505 KHz. LSB =fc – fm LSB = 500 – 5  =495 KHz Bandwidth = 2fm .  = 2* 5 =10 KHz

Description : Choose the right code: A deductive argument claims that: I. The conclusion does not claim something more than that which is contained in the premises. II. The conclusion is supported by the premise/premises conclusively. III. If ... (A) I and II (B) I and III (C) II and III (D) All the above

Answer : Answer: A

Description : Compare between simplex and full duplex communication on the basis of: 1) Definition 2) Sketch

Answer : Compare between simplex and full duplex communication on the basis of: 1) Definition 2) Sketch

Description : Differentiate between positive and negative feedback on the basis of . (i) overall phase shift (ii) voltage gain (iii) stability (iv) applications 

Answer : Compare positive feedback and negative feedback on the basis of: (i) Gain (ii) Bandwidth (iii) Phase shift (iv) Stability

Description : Compare third party insurance and comprehensive on following parameters: i. Risk cover ii. Premium iii. Application of vehicle iv. Condition

Answer : i. Risk cover  In third party insurance only covers damage from a accident only to the other people and their property if you are fault.  In case of comprehensive insurance the damage ... injuries and damage to property does not cover.  In comprehensive insurance personal injuries are covered.

Description : Compare pin type and suspension insulators on given points: (i) Position of insulator on cross arm. (ii) Position of conductor on insulator. (iii) Reaction on cross arm. (iv) Possibility of ... Replacement cost (vi) Maximum voltage level (vii) Effect on height of supporting structure. (viii) Life 

Answer : S.No  Points Pin Type insulator Suspension or Disc Type insulator 1 Position of insulator on cross arm It is fixed on top of cross arm by using galvanized steel pin. So it is ... so to maintain minimum ground clearance height of pole increase.  8 Life Less More

Description : Compare indoor and outdoor sub-station on given points : (i) Capital cost (ii) Time required for completion (iii) Availability of natural light (iv) Space required 

Answer : Sr. No.  Points Indoor substation Outdoor substation  1 Capital cost High, as construction work cost is more.  Less, as construction work cost is less 2 Time required for ... time. So it saves electrical energy & its cost 4 Space Require Less More

Description : A telephone cable has following primary constants per loop kilometer ,R=30Ω, L=20mH,C=0.06µF,G=0.If the applied signal has an angular frequency of 5000 rad/sec.., Determine (i) Characteristics impedence (ii) Attenuation constant

Answer : A telephone cable has following primary constants per loop kilometer ,R=30Ω, L=20mH,C=0.06µF,G=0.If the applied signal has an angular frequency of 5000 rad/sec.., Determine (i) Characteristics impedence (ii) Attenuation constant

Description : Explain the following characteristics of AM radio receiver: (i) Sensitivity (ii) Selectivity.

Answer : Sensitivity:- The ability to amplify the weak signals is called sensitivity. It is the function of overall receiver gain. Sensitivity of radio receiver is decided by the gain of the RF IF ... perfectly the receiver is able to select the desired carrier frequency and reject other frequencies. 

Description : Compare AC & DC track circuits on i) Length of circuit ii) Application iii) Effect of stray currents. iv) Maintenance

Answer : Ans: i) Length of circuit - a) AC track circuit is having long length upto 3 to 5 km b) DC track circuit is having short length  ii)Application -a) AC track circuit is used ... ) Maintenance - a) AC track circuit has easier and cheaper maintenance b) DC track circuit has complicated maintenance 

Description : Describe the following terms: (i) Keyword (ii) Identifier (iii) Variable (iv) Constant

Answer : (i) Keyword: Keywords are special words in C programming which have their own predefined meaning. The functions and meanings of these words cannot be altered. Some keywords in C Programming are if, while, ... or a string literal. There are enumeration constants as well. Example: 121 234 3.14 

Description : Draw the symbol of i) Iron core inductor ii) variable capacitor iii) resistor iv) Ferrite core inductor

Answer :  Iron core inductor:  Ferrite core inductor:  

Description : Draw the diagram for PAM generation using transistors. Explain its working.

Answer : Explanation:-1. Transistor Q1 is used in the active region so it has been provided with DC biasing to its base. 2. Modulating signal is applied to the base of transistor Q1 3. In the emitter of ... . 7. In the time interval between sampling pulses output is zero. Thus we get the output as PAM.

Description : Compare sky wave and space wave propagation w.r.t. following points. (i) Frequency range (ii) Effect of fading (iii)Polarization (iv)Application

Answer : Sr. No  Parameters Sky Wave Propagation Space Wave Propagation 1 Frequency range 3 MHz to 30 MHz  Above 30 MHz 2 Effect of fading Problem of fading is ... horizontally Polarized 4 Application RadioBroadcasting (SW Range) Used for TV and FM broadcasting

Description : In NetBill's protocol for small payments for internet services (i) Key to decrypt information is sent to customer by NetBill only when there is enough amount in debit account (ii) The vendor supplies the key to NetBill server when he ... i, ii b. i, ii, iii c. i, ii, iii, iv d. i, ii, iv

Answer : b. i, ii, iii 

Description : In the NetBill's protocol for small payments for services available in the internet. (i) the customer is charged only when the information is delivered (ii)the vendor is guaranteed payment when information is delivered  (iii) the customer ... , ii b. i, ii, iii c. i, ii, iii, iv d. i, ii, iv 

Answer : d. i, ii, iv

Description : Compare orifice plate with venturi tube with reference to: (i) Working principle (ii) Construction (iii) Cost (iv) Pressure loss

Answer : Venturi Flow Meter vs Orifice Plate Meter

Description : Compare narrow band FM with wide-band FM w.r.t. following points. (i) Modulation index (ii) Maximum deviation (iii)Range of modulating frequency (iv)Application

Answer : Sr. No Parameters Narrow band FM Wide band FM 1 Modulation index Less than or slightly greater than 1 Greater than 1  2 Maximum deviation ... like police wireless, ambulance etc. Entertainment broadcasting can be used for high quality music transmission 

Description : Draw the circuit diagram of PWM using IC555. State its operation.

Answer : Operation: i. The timer IC555 is operated in monostable mode. ii. The negative going carrier pulses are to the differentiator formed by R1 & C1. The differentiator produces sharp negative ... . Thus PWM signal is generated at the output pin (3) of IC555 as monostablemultivibrator. 

Description : Draw the block diagram of PWM. List its advantages 

Answer : Block diagram of PWM:- Advantages of PWM:- 1. More immune to noise. 2. Synchronization between transmitter and receiver is not required. 3. Possible to separate out signal from noise.

Description : Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below: i. Rajasthan receives the highest solar radiation in the country. ii. India has the fifth largest installed wind power in the world. iii. The ... (A) i and ii (B) i, ii and iii (C) ii and iii (D) i and iv

Answer : Answer: D

Description : A series combination of resistance 100 ohm and capacitance 50µf is connected in series to a 230 V, 50HZ supply. Calculate (i) Capacitive reactance (ii) Current (iii) Power factor (iv) Power consumed 

Answer : For RC series circuit

Description : Which of the following is/are advantage(s) of a functional structure? I. Permits growth and diversity of products and services. II. Power and prestige. III. Clarity about career paths. IV. Furnishes measurable training ground ... (c) Both (II) and (III) above ; (d) (I), (II) and (III) above

Answer : (c) Both (II) and (III) above ; 

Description : Explain the need to consider following factors in design matrix of embedded system: (i) Processor (ii) Memory (iii) Power (iv) Non- recurring engineering cost.

Answer : 1. Processor: Selection of processor depends upon amount of processing power and the register width required. Powerful 8bit, 16 bit, 32 bit & 64bit processors are available. The clock speed ... system is designed any number of units can be manufactured without incurring any additional design cost.

Description : Define following terms related to logic families : (i) Noise Margin (ii) FAN-OUT (iii) Propagation delay (iv) Power dissipation

Answer : i) Noise immunity is measured in terms of noise margin. High state Noise margin = VNH = VOH(min) - VIH(min) Low state Noise margin = VNL = VIL(max) - VOL(max) i) The fan-out is defined as the ... logical 0 state (HIGH to LOW) iii) Average power dissipation is defined as PD(avg) = ICC(avg) * VCC

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