Write one application of following antenna i. Rectangular antenna ii. Dish antenna iii. Yagi-Uda antenna iv. Horn antenna 

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i. Rectangular antenna is used in direction finding in portable recievers.

ii. Dish antenna is used to transmit and receive signal from satellite.

iii. Yagi-Uda antenna is used in HF and VHF range as a TV receiving antenna.

iv. Horn antenna is used in satellite tracking.
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Description : Draw radiation pattern for following antenna i) Yagi-Uda antenna ii) Loop antenna iii) Dish antenna iv) Horn antenna

Answer : Type of antenna Radiation Patteren  Yagi-Uda antenna Loop antenna Dish antenna Horn antenna 

Description : Write the application of the following antennas: 1) Rectangular antenna 2) Dish antenna 3) Horn antenna 4) Loop antenna 5) Yagi-Uda antenna. 

Answer : Applications:  1.Rectangular antenna  i)Used in Mobile and satellite communication ii)Used in Global Positioning System iii) Used for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) iv) Radar  Dish ... antenna. 2. Yagi-Uda antenna is used in conditional Access System (CAS) at the decryptor.

Description : Draw construction of Yagi-Uda antenna and explain.

Answer : Explanation A Yagi-Uda antenna, commonly known as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of multiple parallel elements in a line, usually half-wave dipoles made of ... receiver with a transmission line and additional parasitic elements called reflector and one or more directors.

Description : Define the following terms related to antennas; (i) Antenna resistance (ii) Directivity (iii) Antenna gain (iv) Power density

Answer : Antenna Resistance - The resistance of an antenna has two components: 1. Its radiation resistance due to conversion of power into electromagnetic waves 2. The resistance due to actual losses in the ... the transmitter power divided by the surface area of a sphere (4πR2) at that distance.

Description : Define the following terms: (i) Polarization (ii) Antenna gain (iii)Antenna resistance (iv)Directivity

Answer : i) Polarization:- It is defined as the direction of electric field vector in the EM wave radiated by the transmitting antenna. ii) Antenna Gain:- Antenna gain is defined as the ratio of ... in only one direction in which the radiation is maximum. That is directivity = Max. directive gain

Description : Describe with respect to antenna (i) radiation pattern (ii) directive gain (iii) power gam (iv) polarization

Answer : (i) Radiation pattern:-A graph or diagram which tells us about the manner in which an antenna radiates more power in different directions is known as the radiation patteren of antenna.  ( ... as the direction of the electric vector in the electromagnetic wave radiated by the transmitting antenna. 

Description : Draw the structure and state applications of: i) Ferrite loop (rod) antenna ii) Horn antenna

Answer : Horn antenna: Application:- i) Used at microwave frequency. ii) Used in satellite tracking.  Ferrite loop antenna: Application:- In Am radio receiver to receive MW and SW band signals. In FM radio receiver

Description : Differentiate between AM and FM on the basis of: (i) Definition (ii) Bandwidth (iii) Modulation Index (iv) Application

Answer : Compare AM and FM on the basis of i)Definition ii)Bandwidth iii) Wave propogation iv)Number of sidebands

Description : Write any one application for each of following material handling equipments: (i) Bucket Conveyors (ii) Fork Lift Trucks (iii) Jib Crane (iv) Gravity Chutes

Answer : Applications of MH Equipments:

Description : Compare PAM, PWM, and PPM on the basis of i. Variable characteristics ii. Bandwidth iii. Information contained in iv. Transmitted power

Answer : Compare PAM, PWM, and PPM on the basis of i. Variable characteristics ii. Bandwidth iii. Information contained in iv. Transmitted power

Description : a) For a transmission line, Find SWR and reflection coefficient R if, i. There is no reflected voltage. ii. Reflected voltage and incident voltage is equal. iii. If reflected voltage=20V and incident voltage=10V. iv. If reflected voltage=10V and incident voltage =20V.

Answer : reflection coefficient R=Vr/Vi i. There is no reflected voltage. i.e,Vr=0 R=0 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1 ii. Reflected voltage and incident voltage is equal. Vr=Vi; R=1 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1+1/1-1=infinity iii. If reflected ... and incident voltage =20V. Vr=10 and Vi=20 R=10/20=0.5 SWR= 1+R/1-R=1+.5/1-.5=3 

Description : Write one application for the give dielectric material. (i) Polyvinyl Carbide(PVC) (ii) Glass (iii) Mica (iv) Cotton and Silk

Answer : (i) Polyvinyl Carbide(PVC):it is used in insulation of wires and cables in domestic wiring as well as in aircraft and factory wiring (any one)  (ii) Glass: 1) Alkaline glasses are used for ... with wax or varnishes are used in windings of magnet coils and small medium sized mechanics (any one) 

Description : Dish antenna is parabolic in shape and has meshy structure. Give reasons.

Answer : A Practical reflector employing the properties of the parabola will be a three dimensional bowl-shaped surface, obtained by revolving the parabola about the axis AB. The resulting geometric ... (directrix) is constant. These geometric properties yield an excellent microwave or light reflector. 

Description : Draw the structure of horn antenna and its radiation pattern. List its any two applications.

Answer : The structure of horn antenna Radiation pattern of Horn Antenna Application:- i) Used at microwave frequency. ii) Used in satellite tracking 

Description : Sketch the radiation pattern of Yagi-Uda antenna.

Answer : Sketch the radiation pattern of Yagi-Uda antenna.

Description : Sketch of Yagi-Uda antenna with its radiation pattern. Explain each element of YagiUda antenna

Answer : Radiation Pattern:- Explanation- A Yagi-Uda antenna, commonly known as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of multiple parallel elements in a line, usually halfwave dipoles ... one or two directors and reflectors give high gain and beam width per unit area of array.

Description : Give one application each of following transducer: (i) LVDT (ii) RVDT (iii) Capacitive (iv) Piezoelectric

Answer : i) LVDT ➢ LVDT used to measure force ➢ LVDT used to measure strain ➢ LVDT used to measure weight ➢ LVDT used to measure tension ➢ LVDT used to measure pressure ➢ The ... flow meters, non-destructive test (NDT) equipment's ➢ Piezoelectric materials are used in ultrasonic transducers.

Description : Draw the radiation pattern for Dipole antenna: (i) Half wave dipole (ii) Folded dipole.

Answer : The radiation pattern for Half wave dipole antenna The radiation pattern for Folded dipole antenna.

Description : Give one application of :(i) Mineral oil (ii) Varnish (iii) Synthetic oil (iv) Vegetable oil 

Answer : i) Application of Mineral oil:  1. Used in transformer. 2. Used in switchgear 3. Used for circuit breaker 4. Used for capacitor 5. Used in paper insulated cables 6. It is used in Rector ii) ... Vegetable oil:  1. Used as a lubricant. 2. For illumination effect 3. Used for eating purpose. 

Description : State any one application of each tool : (i) Earth tester (ii) Megger (iii) Bearing puller (iv) Growler 

Answer : i) Earth Tester :- It is used to measure earth resistance.  ii) Megger :- Megger is used to find out (measure) insulation resistance of electrical machine/equipment.  iii) ... is an electrical device used to find out shorted turn faults in armature winding and stator winding of motor.

Description : In a FM system, the maximum deviation is 75KHz. Find bandwidth for modulating frequency i. fm=500Hz ii. fm=5KHz iii. fm=10KHz Draw conclusion for bandwidth of FM from answer.

Answer : Given deviation∆=75kHz i) fm=500Hz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+500)=151kHz  ii). fm=5KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+5k)=160KHz iii) fm=10KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+10k)=170KHz As the modulating frequency increases bandwidth also increases.

Description : Compare third party insurance and comprehensive on following parameters: i. Risk cover ii. Premium iii. Application of vehicle iv. Condition

Answer : i. Risk cover  In third party insurance only covers damage from a accident only to the other people and their property if you are fault.  In case of comprehensive insurance the damage ... injuries and damage to property does not cover.  In comprehensive insurance personal injuries are covered.

Description : Compare sky wave and space wave propagation w.r.t. following points. (i) Frequency range (ii) Effect of fading (iii)Polarization (iv)Application

Answer : Sr. No  Parameters Sky Wave Propagation Space Wave Propagation 1 Frequency range 3 MHz to 30 MHz  Above 30 MHz 2 Effect of fading Problem of fading is ... horizontally Polarized 4 Application RadioBroadcasting (SW Range) Used for TV and FM broadcasting

Description : Compare narrow band FM with wide-band FM w.r.t. following points. (i) Modulation index (ii) Maximum deviation (iii)Range of modulating frequency (iv)Application

Answer : Sr. No Parameters Narrow band FM Wide band FM 1 Modulation index Less than or slightly greater than 1 Greater than 1  2 Maximum deviation ... like police wireless, ambulance etc. Entertainment broadcasting can be used for high quality music transmission 

Description : State the application of following materials : i) CRGO Silicon Steel ii) HRGO Silicon Steel iii) Amorphous metal iv) Bronze 

Answer : Applications of CRGO Silicon Steel: 1) Manufacturing distribution and power transformer cores. 2) Manufacturing cores of audio transformers, ballast transformers, specialty transformers. 3) Manufacturing cores ... used. 5) Cadmium bronze is used for making commutator segments and contact wires. 

Description : Write down the industrial application of following : (i) Hydrochloric acid (ii) Sulphuric acid (iii) Nitric acid

Answer : Uses of hydrochloric acid  Used in or as a) Pickling of steel b) Regeneration of Ion exchange c) Production of inorganic compounds d) Oil production e) Leather processing Uses of ... For manufacturing of ammonium nitrate b) For nitration reaction c) Rocket propellant d) Cleaning agent

Description : Write the safety measure in the following accidental cases: (i) Eye injury (chemical) (ii) Burn (iii) Skin contact (iv) Inhalation of toxic fumes.

Answer : Safety measures for: i)Eye injury : a) Have the person immediately rinse the eye with clean water. b) Flush with lukewarm water for 15-30 minutes c) Flush the eye to ... symptoms such as head ache, nose or throat irritation, dizziness or drowsiness persists, seek immediate medical attention.

Description : Write the suitable cutter for carrying following operations on milling machine (i) Gear Tooth (ii) Parting off (iii) Keyway (iv) V-grooves (v) Rounding of corner (vi) Cutting of narrow slot and groove

Answer : (i) Gear Tooth : Form milling cutter, Cylindrical type or End mill type, Gear cutter. (ii) Parting off: Slitting Cutter (iii) Keyway : Staggered teeth side milling cutter, End mill cutter, key ... milling cutter. Selection of a cutter depends upon type and size of slot or groove to be produced. 

Description : Write type of chip formed with following factors. (i) High rake angle (ii) High cutting speed (iii) Small depth of cut (iv) Low cutting speed (v) Large depth of cut (vi) Low rake angle

Answer : (i) High rake angle : Continuous chips (ii) High cutting speed : Continuous chips (iii) Small depth of cut : Continuous chips (iv) Low cutting speed :Continuous chips with built up edge (v) ... cut : Continuous chips with built up edge (vi) Low rake angle :Continuous chips with built up edge

Description : Write the functions of the following components of prismatic compass i) Prism, ii) Lifting pin, iii) Prism cap, iv) Agate cap

Answer : i) Prism: Reading printed on horizontal face of compass ring can be read from vertical position  ii) Lifting pin: When the instrument not in use the sight vane passes against the lifting pin which lift ... piece of hard glass provided on top of pivoted point, to reduce wear and tear of the point

Description : Write the uses of following survey instruments i) Ranging Rod ii) Pegs iii) Cross-staff iv) Plumb bob

Answer : i) Ranging Rod : Ranging rod are used for ranging. ii) Pegs : Pegs are used for marking the positions of stations or terminals points of survey lines. iii) Cross-staff : It is used ... It is also used for accurate centering of the surveying instruments like theodolite, compass, plane table etc. 

Description : Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society? (I) to keep pace with the advancement in knowledge. (II) to discover new things. (III) to write a critique on the earlier writings. (IV) to ... IV, II and I (B) I, II and III (C) I and III (D) II, III and IV

Answer : Answer: A  Option 1 is most suitable because in modern society, the research has 3 basic roles. 1) The students whether in pure sciences/social sciences have been trained in ... also to satisfy timeless inquisitiveness of human mind. Therefore, it is also having discovery oriented apporach

Description : Write Unix command for following: i)create a folder OSY ii) create a file FIRST in OSY folder iii) List/display all files and directories. iv) Write command to clear the screen

Answer : i) create a folder OSY: $mkdir OSY ii)create a file FIRST in OSY folder: $cd OSY $cat>FIRST or $ touch FIRST iii) List/display all files and directories: $ls iv) to clear screen: $clear

Description : Write the name of layers that perform the following functions in OSI : I. Data Encryption II. Error Correction III. File Transfer IV. Data Encoding

Answer : 1. Data Encryption-Presentation Layer 2. Error Correction-Data link layer and Transport layer 3. File Transfer-Application layer 4. Data Encoding-Presentation layer

Description : Write down the method used for following product : (i) credit card (ii) carrying case (iii) hollow cylinder (iv) knobs

Answer : i) Credit Card :- Plastic compounding and molding, Printing, Lamination, Cutting and Embossing. ii) Carrying case:- injection moulding iii) Hollow cylinder:- extrusion iv) Knobs:- compression moulding

Description : A hardened firewall host on an intranet (i) has a proxy application gateway program running on it (ii)Allows specified internet users to access specified services in the intranet (iii) Initiates all internet activities requested by clients ... ii b. i, ii, iii c. i, ii, iii, iv d. ii, iii, iv

Answer : c. i, ii, iii, iv 

Description : Proxy application gateway (i) acts on behalf of all intranet users wanting to access interne securely (ii)monitors all accesses to internet and allows access to only specified IP addresses (iii) disallows use of certain protocols with ... ii b. i, ii, iii c. i, ii, iii, iv d. ii, iii, iv

Answer : b. i, ii, iii 

Description : In B2B e-Commerce (i) Co-operating Business should give an EDI standard to be used (ii) Programs must be developed to translate EDI forms to a form accepted by application program (iii) Method of transmitting/receiving data should be ... . i, ii b. i, ii, iii c. i, ii, iii, iv d. ii, iii, iv

Answer : b. i, ii, iii 

Description : Compare AC & DC track circuits on i) Length of circuit ii) Application iii) Effect of stray currents. iv) Maintenance

Answer : Ans: i) Length of circuit - a) AC track circuit is having long length upto 3 to 5 km b) DC track circuit is having short length  ii)Application -a) AC track circuit is used ... ) Maintenance - a) AC track circuit has easier and cheaper maintenance b) DC track circuit has complicated maintenance 

Description : What are the objectives of following one each. i)Topographic Survey ii)Cadastral Survey iii)Engineering Survey iv)Mine Survey

Answer : i) Topographic Survey : To determine natural features like river, streams , lakes , hills etc and artificial features like roads , railways , canal , town and villages .  ii) Cadastral ... Mine Survey :To explore mineral deposits and to guide tunneling and other operations associated with mining. 

Description : Arrange the following teaching process in order : (i) Relate the present knowledge with previous one (ii) Evaluation (iii) Reteaching (iv) Formulating instructional objectives (v) Presentation of instructional materials (A) (i), (ii), ( ... ), (iii), (i), (ii) (D) (iv), (i), (v), (ii), (iii)

Answer : (D) (iv), (i), (v), (ii), (iii)

Description : If the statement most of the students are obedient' is taken to be true, which one of the following pair of statements can be claimed to be true? I. All obedient persons are students. II. All students are obedient. III. Some ... Codes : (A) I & II (B) II & III (C) III & IV (D) II & IV

Answer : (C) III & IV

Description : Which one of the following describes the syntax of prolog program ? I. Rules and facts are terminated by full stop (.) II. Rules and facts are terminated by semicolon (;) III. Variables names must start with upper case alphabets. ... alphabets. Codes : (A) I, II (B) III, IV (C) I, III (D) II, IV

Answer : (C) I, III

Description : Consider the relations R(A,B) and S(B,C) and the following four relational algebra queries over R and S: I. πA,B(R⋈S) II. R⋈πB(S) III. R∩(πA(R) Χ πB(S)) IV. πA,R.B(R Χ S) where R.B refers to ... IV are the same query. (C) I, II and IV are the same query. (D) I, III and III are the same query.

Answer : (D) I, III and III are the same query.

Description : Suggest one type of materials for water proofing for the following situations. i. Rising dampness in building ii. Leakages in dam iii. Concrete continuously in wet or damp condition iv. Leakages in lavatory ,bathroom and kitchen floor v. Cracks on plastered surface vi. Cracks on roof surface

Answer : i. Flexible materials like butyl rubber, hot bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felts, sheets of lead. ii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes iii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes ... v. Liquid applied cementitious membranes. vi. Brick bat coba, liquid applied bituminous membrane.

Description : Define the following special types of concretes with its one use. i) Vacuum concrete ii) Fiber reinforced concrete iii) High performance concrete iv) Self-compacting concrete

Answer : The uses of special types of concretes are as follows.  i) Vacuum concrete: It is the concrete in which entrained air and excess water form concrete mix is taken out from vacuum pump, ... . large bridge and machine foundations iii. Pumped concrete for floors and slabs. iv. Pre-stressed concrete

Description : Identify type of BJT configuration having following features : (i) BJT configuration having the least current gain. (ii) KIT configuration called as voltage follower. (iii) BJT ... configuration suitable for voltage amplification. (vi) BJT configuration having the least output impedance.  

Answer : (i) BJT configuration having the least current gain : Common Base Configuration  (ii) KIT configuration called as voltage follower: Common Collector Configuration  (iii) BJT ... Emitter Configuration  (vi) BJT configuration having the least output impedance: Common Collector Configuration

Description : Write the code of signals used in ranging with respect to : i) Correct position ii) Fix the ranging rod iii) Vertical position of ranging rod iv) Move slowly to left of observer 

Answer : i) Correct position : Both hands above Head and then Brought Down ii) Fix the ranging rod : Both Arms extended forward horizontally and the hands depressed briskly iii) Vertical position of ranging rod : 1 ... and moved to the Left iv) Move slowly to left of observer : Slow sweeps with Left Hand

Description : In surface condensers write role of (i) Water tubes (ii) Shell (iii) Baffle plate (iv) Tube sheet

Answer : Function of parts in surface condensers 1. Water tubes- Cooling water flows through it , for convective heat transfer to occur with steam outside the tubes 2. Shell- Outer body, all components are ... and improves heat transfer 4. Tube sheet- All tubes are supported at the end in tube sheet

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