Can a synchronous condenser improve power factor?
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Answer :

Yes, synchronous condenser can improve power factor.

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Answer : In a distribution system, in order to improve power factor, the synchronous capacitors are installed at the receiving end.

Description : How can we improve power factor using synchronous motor?

Description : Why capacitors are used to improve power factor?

Answer :  Capacitors generate reactive power instead of that drawn from source which is required by inductive it reduce the reactive current which is drawn from source to be drawn from capacitor.This control in Electric bills cost.

Description : How does a capacitor improve power factor?

Answer : Every circuit are usually more inductive than means that the current lags by voltage at small angle.hence we have to compensate this situation so we use Capacitor then this lag is compensate ... angle becomes low and the value of cos(phase angle) is increase and hence power also max.

Answer : Yes, we can make the power factor of synchronous motor leading by adjusting its excitation.