Explain any four different frequency bands and give their two applications of each.

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Explain any four different frequency bands and give their two applications of each.


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Description : Show that AM wave consist of two side bands and carrier. Also prove the bandwidth of AM is double of the modulating frequency.

Description : Draw the structure of horn antenna and its radiation pattern. List its any two applications.

Answer : The structure of horn antenna Radiation pattern of Horn Antenna Application:- i) Used at microwave frequency. ii) Used in satellite tracking 

Description : Write down different frequencies for following(frequency ranges). (1) Voice frequency (2) High frequency (3) IR frequency (4) Visible frequency(light)

Answer : Sr. No Frequency Range 1 Voice Frequency 300 Hz to 3kHz 2 High Frequency  3 MHz to 30 MHz 3 IR Frequency 30 THz to 430 THz 4 Visible Spectrum (light) 375 THz to 750 THz

Description : (a) Define permeability. (b) Define MMF. (c) Define form factor of an alternating quantity. (d) Define frequency and time period of an alternating quality. (e) Define transformation ratio of transformer. ... and state the meaning of each term used. (g) Give two applications of single phase motors. 

Answer : Permeability : It is the ability of a magnetic/Non magnetic material to allow setting up of flux in it.  MMF : The magneto motive force (MMF) is the force required to setup flux in a magnetic / ... applications of single phase motors : Water pumps, ceiling fan, lathe machine

Description : Explain loop antenna with neat sketch. Draw radiation pattern. State its advantages and applications.

Answer : Loop antenna:-The single turn coil carrying RF current through it having length less than the wavelength.   Advantages:- 1. highly directive 2. Small size Applications:- 1. For direction finding 2. In portable receivers 3. In navigation 

Description : Give any two applications of LED and LCD each. 

Answer : Two applications of LED (1) As an indicators and small display. (2) In digital thermometer, pulse rate meter. (3) In patient monitoring. Two applications of LCD (1) In video games (2) In calculators (3) In test equipments (4) In gauges and counters

Description : Why should local oscillator frequency be greater than signal frequency in AM receiver? Also explain why IF has constant value?

Answer : Reason for LO frequency to be greater than signal frequency The local oscillator frequency (f0) is made greater than signal frequency (Fs) in radio receiver: Local oscillator frequency range is 995 ... frequency of desired signal because the IF is constant and same for all the incoming RF signal.

Description : Explain Biodiesel fuel. Give any four applications.

Answer : Biodiesel diesel  Bio diesel is a vegetable oil or animal fat based diesel fuel. It consists of long chain alkyl esters. It is made chemically reacting liquids with an alcohol. i) It is a ... diesel with 20% biodiesel) 4.Generatore 5.Air craft engines 6.Heating oil in domestic commercial boiler

Description : When white light is passed through a double slit which of the following statements is TRUE: w) Each of the bright bands is dispersed into a spectrum x) Only the central band is dispersed into ... one are dispersed into a spectrum z) Each band has a single color different from its neighboring bands 


Description : State the process FM detection? State it‟s any two types.

Answer : FM detection: In any radio that is designed to receive frequency modulated signals there is some form of FM demodulator or detector. This circuit takes in frequency modulated RF signals and takes the ... 3. Ratio Detector 4. Phase Discriminator 5. FM Detector using Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

Description : Write any two drawbacks of TRF radio receiver.

Answer : Drawbacks of TRF Receiver: 1. Instability due to oscillatory nature of RF amplifier. 2. Variation in bandwidth over tuning range. 3. Insufficient selectivity at high frequencies 4. Poor adjacent channel rejection capability. 

Description : List the types of FM detector. Explain any one of them.

Answer : Types of FM detector:- 1. Simple slope detector 2. Balanced slope detector 3. Phase discriminator(Foster seely discriminator) 4. Ratio detector 5. PLL detector Simple ... . If the IF amplitude is sufficiently limited prior to reaching the PLL and the loop is properly compensated 

Description : List the types of micro-strip antennas. Explain any one of them.

Answer : List the types of micro-strip antennas are as fallows. 1) RECTANGULER 2) CIRCULER. 3) SQUARE . 4) ELIPTICAL. 5) TRINGULAR. Rectangular Micro-strip Antenna: Micro-strip ... mobile phone market. Patch antennas are low cost, have a low profile and are easily fabricated. 

Description : List the types of noise in communication system. Explain any one of them.

Answer : Explanation of External Noise:- Atmospheric Noise:- Atmospheric noise or static is caused by lighting discharges in thunderstorms and other natural electrical disturbances occurring in the atmosphere ... between two or more paths, and results from the random fluctuations in the division. 

Description : Draw the structure and state applications of: i) Ferrite loop (rod) antenna ii) Horn antenna

Answer : Horn antenna: Application:- i) Used at microwave frequency. ii) Used in satellite tracking.  Ferrite loop antenna: Application:- In Am radio receiver to receive MW and SW band signals. In FM radio receiver

Description : List the different body accessories used for passenger cars and explain any two body accessories with their function

Answer : (1) Body Cover: To keep the car covered in open parking. (2) Puncture Repair Kit: To repair the punctured vehicle in case of emergency (3) Tyre Inflator: To fill the air in the flat tyre. ... of seasons. (11) Sun Roof: To provide natural air conditioning to the car. (12) Infotainment system 

Description : A super heterodyne AM receiver is tuned to a station operating at 1200 KHz .Find local oscillator frequency and image frequency.

Answer : A super heterodyne AM receiver is tuned to a station operating at 1200 KHz Intermediate frequency is 455KHz. IF frequency=f0-fs Local oscillator frequency is f0=IF +fs=455K+1200K=1655kHz The image frequency which gives the same IF is f0+2*IF=2110KHz

Description : State the IF frequency and bandwidth of FM receiver.

Answer : IF for FM receiver: 10.7 MHz. Bandwidth of FM receiver:88MHz to 108 MHz

Description : State the frequency range for audio frequency and voice frequency.

Answer : The generally accepted standard range of audible frequencies is 20 to 20,000 Hz, The usable voice frequency band ranges from approximately 300 Hz to 3400 Hz.

Description : Compare ground wave and space wave propagation on the basis of: (i) Frequency range (ii) Method of propagation.

Answer : Compare ground wave and space wave propagation on the basis of: (i) Frequency range (ii) Method of propagation.

Description : Define: (i) Image frequency and (ii) Double spotting

Answer : i)Image frequency:- Image Frequency is defined as the signal frequency plus twice the intermediate frequency. It is denoted as fsi = fs+2fi Where, fs = Signal Frequency fi =intermediate frequency ... It is due to the poor front end selectivity i.e., inadequate image frequency rejection.

Description : Draw amplitude modulated waveform in time domain and frequency domain with proper labeling.

Answer : AM in Time domain  AM in frequency domain

Description : A superheterodyne radio receiver with an IF of 455KHZ is turned to 1000KHZ. Find: (i) Image frequency (ii) Local oscillator frequency

Answer : Given Intermediate Frequency fi=455KHz Signal frequency =fs=1000KHz Local oscillator frequency fo=fs+fi  Fo=1000KHz+455KHz  =1455KHz Image frequency is the input frequency which produces the same intermediate frequency fsi=fs+2fi  =1000KHz+2*455KHz  =1910KHz 

Description : Define critical frequency w.r. to wave propagation.

Answer : Define critical frequency w.r. to wave propagation.

Description : In a FM system, the maximum deviation is 75KHz. Find bandwidth for modulating frequency i. fm=500Hz ii. fm=5KHz iii. fm=10KHz Draw conclusion for bandwidth of FM from answer.

Answer : Given deviation∆=75kHz i) fm=500Hz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+500)=151kHz  ii). fm=5KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+5k)=160KHz iii) fm=10KHz bandwidth B.W=2(∆+fm)  =2(75k+10k)=170KHz As the modulating frequency increases bandwidth also increases.

Description : A telephone cable has following primary constants per loop kilometer ,R=30Ω, L=20mH,C=0.06µF,G=0.If the applied signal has an angular frequency of 5000 rad/sec.., Determine (i) Characteristics impedence (ii) Attenuation constant

Answer : A telephone cable has following primary constants per loop kilometer ,R=30Ω, L=20mH,C=0.06µF,G=0.If the applied signal has an angular frequency of 5000 rad/sec.., Determine (i) Characteristics impedence (ii) Attenuation constant

Description : Define: 1)Frequency 2)Bandwidth 3)Wavelength 4)Time period

Answer : Frequency: Frequency is the number of cycles per second. Bandwidth: A range of frequencies within a given band, in particular that used for transmitting a signal. Wavelength: Wavelength can be defined as ... for one complete cycle of vibration to pass a given point.  OR Time period=1/frequency

Description : Define the terms: 1) Maximum usable frequency 2) Fading

Answer : 1)Maximum usable frequency:- Maximum usable frequency is defined as the limiting frequency ,when the angle of incidence is other than the normal . OR The highest frequency that can be used for sky ... which left the same source but arrived at the destination by different paths is known as fading.

Description : Draw block diagram of basic electronic communication system and state the function of each block.

Answer : i) Input signal: - The information can be in the form of sound, picture or data coming from computer. ii) Input transducer: - it converts original information into equivalent electrical ... back to suitable form. vii) Output transducer: - It converts electrical signal into original form. 

Description : Four square table-tops of the same dimensions are shown below. Only the designs of their supports are different from each other. If a person stands upright on the red mark on each of the table, which of the tables will topple?  

Answer : B C D

Description : Dish antenna is parabolic in shape and has meshy structure. Give reasons.

Answer : A Practical reflector employing the properties of the parabola will be a three dimensional bowl-shaped surface, obtained by revolving the parabola about the axis AB. The resulting geometric ... (directrix) is constant. These geometric properties yield an excellent microwave or light reflector. 

Description : Give the expression for modulation index for AM and FM.

Answer : 1.Modulation index for AM ma=Vm / Vc Where Vm is modulating voltage Vc is the carrier voltage 2.Modulation index for FM mf=δ /fm where δ is the deviation fm is the modulating frequency

Description : Define modulation index in AM and give its formula.

Answer : In AM wave, the modulation index (m) is defined as the ratio of the amplitude of the modulating signal (Vm ) to the amplitude of carrier signal (Vc). m = Vm / Vc

Description : State the need of AGC. List the different types of AGC with neat graph.

Answer : Need of AGC:- The need or purpose of AGC circuit is to maintain the output voltage level (volume) of radio receiver constant over a wide range of RF input signal level.  AGC also helps to smooth out the rapid ... of AGC:- 1) Simple AGC 2) Delayed AGC Graphical representation of AGC:- 

Description : What are the different types of FM detector?

Answer : The different types of FM Detectors are: 1. Simple Slope Detector 2. Balanced Slope Detector 3. Ratio Detector 4. Phase Discriminator 5. FM Detector using Phase Locked Loop (PLL) 

Description : The lifespan of a human hair is 3 to 7 years on average. While you quite a few hairs each day, your hairs actually have a pretty long life providing they aren't subject to any trauma. ... get to see several different haircuts, styles, and even possibly decades before they fall out on their own.

Description : State two types of inductors and give their applications.

Answer : Types of inductors: i) Air cored inductor ii) Iron cored inductor iii) Ferrite cored inductor Air cored inductor: These are used for high frequency application e.g. Radio sets ... radio receiver, wide band pulse transformers, oscillators, signal generators, high frequency amplifiers, etc. 

Description : Enlist any four types of enclosures with their applications. 

Answer : Types of enclosures & their Applications: i) Open type enclosure:- It is used where motor is installed in clean atmosphere and in closed room.  ii) Screen Protected enclosure:-( ... is circulated through pipe forcefully for cooling of motors and hot air is taken out through pipe.  

Description : State any four types of grippers used in robots with one applications of each.

Answer : [1] Vacuum Gripper:- Flat and light weight Surfaces / Palletizing materials [2] Pneumatic Gripper:- Slightly weight parts [3] Hydraulic Gripper:- Heavy parts in industry [4] Servo electric ... objects such as steel sheets or tables [6] Claw Grippers:- Pick and lace and Assembly operations

Description : State the working principle of Cam. List its types. Give any four applications of Cam.

Answer : Working principle of CAM: A cam is mechanical rotating machine element which is used for converting one motion in to another. It is rotating machine element that gives reciprocating or ... control mechanisms. Spinning and weaving machineries. Textile machineries. Paper cutting machines.

Description : Give two applications of each : 1) Eddy current sensor 2) Optical sensor.

Answer : Eddy current sensor : 1. Detection of non-magnetic but conductive materials. 2. Displacement sensing 3. Position sensing Optical sensor : 1. Position Detection 2. Velocity Detection 3. Acceleration Detection 4. Direction Detection

Description : Give any four advantages of voice frequency signaling over DC signaling system. 

Answer : Advantages of Voice Frequency Signaling Over DC Signaling System: 1. Large number of circuits can be easily derived over a single pair of wires (single pair can control 18 stations). 2. Signal ... used over long distances. 5. Can be used where large number of equipment can be controlled. 

Description : What is belt? Explain operation of belt. List different types of belt and give one example of each.

Answer : Definition:- A belt is a loop of flexible material used to mechanically link two or more rotating shafts, most often parallel. Belts may be used as a source of motion, to transmit power ... conveyor belt is one application where the belt is adapted to continuously carry a load between two points.

Description : A party was held in which a grandmother, father, mother, four sons, their wives and one son and two daughters to each of the sons were present. The number of females present in the party is: (A) 12 (B) 14 (C) 18 (D) 24

Answer : Answer: B

Description : List any four G codes, give their meaning.  

Answer : Answer:

Description : State the types of electromagnetic polarization? Define any one of it.

Answer : Transverse electromagnetic wave:- The polarization of a plane EM wave is simply the orientation of the electric field vector with respect to the surface (i.e. looking at the horizon) If ... the field strength varies with change in polarization the wave is said to have an elliptical polarization 

Description : Name any four main parts of SWT. Give function of each part.

Answer : Parts of SWT:  1. Rotor - It includes blades for converting wind energy to low speed rotational energy.  2. Gear box - It converts low speed rotational energy to high speed.  3. ... 5. Other Equipment: Control equipment, electric cables, hub, tale vane, sensors, anemometer to implement control.

Description : List any four errors in induction type energy meter. Give method of compensation for each.

Answer : Errors in Induction Type Energy Meter with their Compensation:  1) Error due to friction: This error can be compensated by the additional shading band provided on the shunt electromagnet.  2) Phase ... error: This error can be compensated by providing a flux diverter' to the current magnet. 

Description : List any four types of resistors. Give one application of each.

Answer : Ans: Types of resistors with their applications: i) Carbon composition resistor: Potential divider, welding control circuits, power supplies, H. V. and high impulse circuits as switching spark ... vi) Cermet resistors: used in printers, automotive, computers, cell phones & battery chargers. 

Description : Define Reynold’s number and give any two applications of it.

Answer : Reynold’s Number: It is the ratio of inertia force to viscous force. Applications:  i) Predicting whether the flow is laminar.  ii) Predicting whether the flow is turbulent.  iii) Finding out coefficient of friction in order to determine Frictional loss very accurately.

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