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What is the maximum value of power factor?

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Answer :

is the maximum value of power factor.

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Last Answer : Power plant having maximum demand more than the installed rated capacity will have utilisation factor more than unity.

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Last Answer : For high value of diversity factor, a power station of given installed capacity will be in a position to supply more number of consumers.

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Description : Define : i) Maximum Value ii) RMS Value of ac supply

Last Answer : i) Maximum Value :- The maximum or peak value attained by an alternating quantity during positive or negative half cycle, is called maximum value or peak value.  ii) RMS Value of ac ... as produced by the alternating current when flowing through the same resistance and for the same time. 

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Last Answer : In a power plant if the maximum demand on the plant is equal to the plant capacity, then plant reserve capacity will be zero.

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Last Answer : Maximum demand on a power plant is the greatest of all "short time interval averaged" demand during a period.

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