What is the function of a thyristor?
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Description : What is meant by firing angle of thyristor?

Answer : The point at which SCR is triggered is known as firings angle of thyristor.

Description : What is the use of a thyristor in a circuit?

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Description : what are the disadvantages of thyristor?

Answer : Disadvantages of thyristor The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is unidirectional devices, so it can control power only in DC power during positive half cycle of AC supply. Thus only DC power is ... cycle. It cannot be used at higher frequencies. The gate current cannot be negative

Description : Draw the structural diagram of GTO. Explain briefly the switching behavior of GTO with the help of appropriate voltage and current waveform.

Answer : Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) Conventional Thyristor can be turned on with gate terminal but can not turn off from gate terminal. But in case of Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO), we can turn it on and off ... subdivided as storage period (Ts), fall period (Tp) and tail period (Tt).

Description : Thyristor can be protected from over voltages by using

Answer : Thyristor can be protected from over voltages by using Voltage clamping device

Description : Leakage current flows through the thyristor in

Answer : Leakage current flows through the thyristor in Forward blocking mode and Reverse blocking mode.

Description : Why thyristor are not preferred for inverter?

Description : Why SCR is called as thyristor?

Description : Is a SCR a thyristor?

Answer : Yes, SCR is a thyristor. Thyristor is the family and SCR is the member of that family but SCR is universally known as thyristor.

Description : How is a thyristor used to convert AC to DC?

Answer : Yes ,it is one of the main advantage using thristors as a  switch in DC  circuit ,it has a high current gain

Description : Explain thyristor gate drive circuit.

Answer : Thyristor Gate Drive Circuit: The thyristor can be turned on by pulse voltage signal at gate terminal and it does not require continuous drive signal like the transistor. The gate ... circuit provide required minimum gate voltage and gate current then the thyristor conducts properly.

Description : parallel operation of MOSFET can be done more easily as compared to thyristor. why?

Answer : Parallel operation of MOSFET can be done more easily as compared to thyristor because the resistance of MOSFET is increases with increase in temperature. MOSFET have the positive temperature coefficient. In ... the parallel operation of MOSFET can be done more easily as compared to the thyristor.

Description : write short notes on thyristor CSI .

Answer : Current-source inverter (CSI) is an inverter with a DC current input. Current source inverters are most commonly used in very high power AC motor drives.

Answer : By using some circuit the forward DC current of thyristor is forced to zero is called forced commutation.

Answer : Natural commutation is also called as line Communication. The turning off of thyristor due to AC supply is called natural commutation or line commutation. If the thyristor is connected to AC supply ... connected to positive and anode terminal get connected to negative, this turns off the thyristor.

Answer : Thyristor commutation means turning off thyristor.

Description : Write the function of freewheeling diode.

Answer : Function of Freewheeling Diode (FWD): a) Freewheeling diode is used across inductive loads such as coils, dc motor armature etc. to prevent voltage spikes across these loads when the switching ... current is shifted from switching device, it is turned off easily and regain its blocking ability.

Description : Describe the working principle of Thyristor operated dimmer with the help of circuit diagram.

Answer : Thyristor operated dimmer: A popular thyristor operated dimmer circuit employ TRIAC-DIAC phase control for low AC power control. During each half-cycle, the capacitor charges through (R1+VR1). When the ... time constant {C (R1+VR1)}. Thus by reducing VR1 the lamp brightness can be increased.

Answer : No we cannot turn off normal thyristor using Gate.

Answer : Thyristor conducts when the anode voltage is greater than cathode and when the current provided to Gate.

Answer : Thyristor have three terminals anode, cathode and Gate.

Description : thyristor can be turned off by?

Answer : Thyristor can be turned off by making anode potential equal to cathode potential or by making anode potential less than cathode potential.

Answer : Thyristor can only be turned on by small gate pulse but it cannot be turn off by using gate hence thyristor is called semi controlled device.

Answer : Thyristor can be turn on by positive gate pulse and the current will continue to flow through the device even when the gate voltage is low hence thyristor is called latching device.

Description : Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)

Answer : Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)  TSC is a static compensator. TSC is use for compensating reactive power. Compensation is required for voltage regulation, increasing stability, ... compensating device like TCS phase angle between voltage and current can be maintain.

Description : What is the function of an electrical filter ?

Answer : Filter separates different components that are mixed together. Electrical filter can separate different frequency components. Electrical filters are the electrical circuits which are use to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal.

Description : What is penstock? What is its function?

Answer : What is Penstock:- The penstock is the long pipe line. It consists of heavy duty steel pipe.  Function of Penstock:- Function of penstock is to carry water from the water intake (reservoir) to turbine.

Description : What does double integration of a unit step function lead to? A) A doublet B) A ramp C) An impulse D) A parabola 

Answer : What does double integration of a unit step function lead to? A) A doublet B) A ramp C) An impulse D) A parabola 

Description : What is the function of induction motor?

Answer : while you give supply to motor its motor run on magnet base 

Description : What is the basic function of a capacitor?

Description : What is the membership function in fuzzy logic?

Description : State at least one function and the material used for the following parts of DC Motor.

Answer : Part Function Material Yoke -Provides mechanical support for poles -Acts as protecting cover for machine -Provides path for magnetic flux Cast Iron OR Cast Steel Field Winding - ... Pole core  Provides mechanical support to field winding. Cast Iron OR Cast Steel

Description : Draw the block diagram of regulated power supply, explain function of each block and draw waveforms of each stage.

Answer : 1. A step down transformer 2. A rectifier 3. A filter 4. A regulator Operation of Regulated Power Supply:- Step Down Transformer:- A step down transformer will ... regulator. A regulator will maintain the output constant even when changes at the input or any other changes occur.

Description : Draw block diagram of PLL as a FM demodulator. Explain function of each block.

Answer : Operation:  The FM signal which is to be demodulated is applied at the input of the PLL.  the PLL is locked to the FM  The error voltage produced at ... using PLL ensures a high Linearity, between the instantaneous input frequency and VCO control voltage (error amplifier output)

Description : Give the function of fuse and switch.

Answer : Functions of fuse:  * To break the circuit under fault condition.  * To provide overcurrent protection to the circuit.  * To provide short circuit protection to the circuit.  * To provide ...  * To make the electric circuit manually.  * To break the electric circuit manually.

Description : State function of ELCB.

Answer : Functions of ELCB: 1. Provides protection to apparatus by detecting the unsafe magnitudes of leakage currents diverting to earth. 2. Disconnect the supply to the circuit if line to ground ... 3. Provides protection to users by detecting the unsafe magnitudes of leakage currents diverting to earth.

Description : Describe the function of MUSE system for HDTV.

Answer : Bandwidth can be reduced by MUSE (Multiple Sub -Nyquist Sampling Encoding) system MUSE stands for Multiple Sub-Nyquist sampling encoding and is an HDTV bandwidth compression schemedeveloped by ... digital Audio system is called DANCE (Digital Audio Near-Instantaneous Compression and expansion). 

Description : applications of : (1) Function generator   (2) Video pattern generator (3) AF signal generator and (4) Pulse generator. 

Answer : 1) Function generator: i) As trouble shooting tool to different analog and digital circuits. ii) As a source of alignment of different receiver. iii) If rise time of square wave is ... trigger output, pulses are available. iii) The generator can be operated as free running generator.

Description : Draw neat block diagram of FM receiver and explain function of each block

Answer : Explanation:-  RF amplifier: There are two important functions of RF amplifier: 1) To increase the strength of weak RF signal. 2) To reject image frequency signal. In FM ... FM broadcast, the maximum modulating frequency is 15 kHz. Hence the audio amplifier must have large bandwidth.

Description : Draw and explain the function of cooling tower in TPS.

Answer : Cooling tower in TPS: The function of cooling tower is to reduce the temperature of water coming from condenser. Water is circulated from the basin of the cooling ... cooling Tower temperature of water is reduced either by natural or forced or induced draught method or combine

Description : State the function of super heater of a thermal power plant. 

Answer : Function of Super heater: -  Its function is to increase the temperature of steam by absorbing heat from exhausted hot flue gases.

Description : List any four wiring accessories and its function. 

Answer : Following wiring accessories: 1) Lamp holder: It is the holding accessory. The different types of holders used such as angle holder, batten holder, pendent holder 2) Ceiling Rose: Ceiling rose are of two types: ... etc 9) Switch board, ICDP Main Switch 10) All types of size of VIR & PVC wire

Description : State function of starter and ELCB. (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

Answer : i) Function of Starter:- 1. To prevent the high starting current OR to minimize the starting current. 2. To give supply failure protection 3. To give over load and short circuit protection ... an installation and cut off the circuit from power supply and avoid electrical shock to the person.

Description : State function of Busbar and which material is used for busbar?

Answer : Function of Busbar Bus-bar: - Distribute the load on 3-phase four wire systems. To provide number of connection of incoming line and to provide easy way to connect number of sub circuit. ... to the element. This element means busbar Material is used for busbar: 1. Copper 2. Alluminium

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