An unexcited single phase synchronous motor is ?

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Answer :

An unexcited single-phase synchronous motor is reluctance motor.

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Answer : In case one phase of a three-phase synchronous motor is short-circuited the motor will not start.

Description : Three phase synchronous motor will have how many sliprings?

Answer : Three phase synchronous motor will have two sliprings.

Description : State suitable single phase motor for following applications: (i) Table fan (ii) Mixers and Grinders

Answer : Application Suitable Single Phase Motor Table Fan 1) Capacitor split phase motor 2) Capacitor start capacitor run motor Mixers and Grinders 1) Universal motor 2) A.C. Series motor

Description : Why is a capacitor used in a single phase motor and not in three phase motor ?

Answer : In 1-phase induction motor capacitor work is generate the auxiliary winding current than excite the main winding to rotor starts rotate. After rotor start rotating about 75% of their speed than auxiliary ... emf to start the,in 3-phase induction motor is self start induction motor.

Description : working principle of single phase motor

Answer : The Stator of single phase induction motor houses two windings  1. Main (Running) winding 2. Auxiliary (Starting ) winding Rotor of single phase induction motor is ... with starting winding or a capacitor may be permanently connected in series with Auxiliary (Starting ) winding.