Explain arbitration. What is priority arbitrator?

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IF multiple peripherals are connected to microprocessor or DMA controller or any resource and they request services simultaneously so which peripheral will get serviced first this is termed as arbitration.

Priority Arbiter:

Priority arbiter is the arbitration method which uses single purpose processor. Priority arbiter uses two common schemes one is fixed priority and second is rotating or round-robin priority arbitration. Peripherals make requests to arbiter and arbiter makes requests to the resource.


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Description : Daisy Chain Arbitration

Answer : Daisy chain arbitration: Multiple devices are connected to the bus.So, The process of arbitrating between requests for bus control is called bus arbitration. Arbitration schemes must be fast. ... cascade then propagation delay increases this is the one disadvantage of this arbitration.

Description : Which Interrupt Has The Highest Priority?

Answer : Answer :TRAP has the highest priority.

Description : What is design technology? Explain top down design process.

Answer : Design technology: Design technology is the manner in which we convert our concept desired system into an implementation. The three main design technologies are 1. Compilation/Synthesis ... general purpose processors and A Gate-level Netlist for special-purpose processors.

Description : What is watchdog timer ? Explain the implementation of time out for ATM with block diagram and program.

Answer : A special type of timer is a watchdog timer, which will reset the system after a predefined timeout. Watchdog timer reset timer every X time unit, else timer generates a signal ... be loaded into timereg. This is to prevent erroneous software from unintentionally resetting the watchdog timer.

Description : The three outputs x1x2x3 from the 8x3 priority encoder are used to provide a vector address of the form 101x1x2x300. What is the second highest priority vector address in hexadecimal if the vector addresses are starting from the one with the highest priority? (A) BC (B) A4 (C) BD (D) AC

Answer : Answer: B