What programming languages are supported by the Arduino?

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Answer : 5volts is enough to supply the Arduino.

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Answer : Arduino: Arduino is a open source hardware and software. Arduino is a microcontroller. Since Arduino is open source it have many manufacturer. Arduino project was started in about year ... many sensors to the Arduino. Arduino board have microprocessor, crystal oscillator, 5V voltage regulator.

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Answer : Definition: The part program is a sequence of instructions, which describe the work, which has to be done on a part, in the form required by a computer under the control of a numerical ... Defining the work part geometry. (b) Defining the repetition work. (c) Specifying the operation sequence

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Answer : The setup() function, which is called once when a program (sketch) starts. It is used to initialize variables, pin modes and libraries. The loop() function, which runs continuously after the code starts. ... as the blink of a light, the activation of a servomotor or the reading of a sensor value.

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Answer : Most Spoken Languages 1. Mandarin language - China The highest number of speakers use Mandarin language the number of speakers are crossed 1 billion plus, it is the most widely spoken language on the planet ... Cameroon, Haiti and France. To say hello in French, say Bonjour (bone-joor).

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Answer : The Arduino board connects to the computer via a USB port from the computer to a USB port on the Arduino board.

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Answer : Memory Segmentation: The memory in an 8086 microprocessor is organized as a segmented memory. The physical memory is divided into 4 segments namely, - Data segment, Code Segment, Stack Segment and Extra ... 16 bit size. 6) Programs and data can be stored separately from each other in segmentation.

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Answer : Features of 8085 microprocessor: 1. 16 address line so 216=64 Kbytes of memory can be addressed. 2. Operating clock frequency is 3MHz and minimum clock  frequency is 500 KHz. 3. On chip bus ... cycle TTL clock 10. Provide 2 serial I/O lines, so peripheral can be interfaced with  8085 μp

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Answer : Stack pointer: 1. It is a 16 bit register which is used to store the address of topmost filled memory location of stack memory. 2. SP always points current top of stack. 3. If data is ... of memory and in 8085 the address of memory is 16 bit. Hence program counter is 16 bit register.

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Answer : Re-entrant Procedures: A procedure is said to be re-entrant, if it can be interrupted, used and re-entered without losing or writing over anything. To be a re-entrant, Procedure ... program execution flow reenters in the procedure1. These types of procedures are called reentrant procedures.

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Answer : 1) DB (Define Byte or Data Byte): This is used to define a byte type variable. The range of values : 0 - 255 for unsigned numbers -128 to 127 for signed numbers This can be used ... the end of the segment The directives SEGMENT, ENDS are always enclosed in data, code, stack and extra segments.

Description : Write an algorithm and draw the flowchart to find sum of series of numbers. 

Answer : Algorithim to find sum of series of numbers: 1. Initialize data segment 2. Initialize byte counter and memory pointer to read number from array. 3. Initialize sum variable to 0 4. sum=sum+number from array ... Decrement byte counter 9. If byte counter=0 then step 10 else step 4 10. Stop

Description : Write an algorithm to subtract two 16 bit numbers (With borrow) in 8086 microprocessor.

Answer : Algorithm for 16 bit numbers subtraction with borrow: 1. Load 0000H into CX register (for borrow) 2. Load the first number into AX(accumulator) 3. Load the second number into BX register 4. Subtract ... . Move data from AX(accumulator) to memory 8. Move data from CX register to memory 9. Stop

Description : Enlist any four addressing modes of 8086 microprocessor.

Answer : Addressing modes of 8086 : 1. Immediate 2. Direct 3. Register 4. Register indirect 5. Indexed 6. Register relative 7. Based indexed 8. Relative based indexed 9. Implied

Description : State the use of OF and DF flags of 8086 microprocessor.

Answer : Overflow Flag: This flag is set if an overflow occurs, i.e. if the result of a signed operation is large enough to be accommodated in destination register. Direction Flag: It selects either increment or decrement mode for DI &/or SI register during string instructions.

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Answer : Pipelining: Process of fetching the next instruction while the current instruction is executing is called pipelining which will reduce the execution time.

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Answer : 1) SOD: Serial Output data SOD pin is used to transmit data serially from accumulator to the external devices connected to the pin.  2) HLDA: Microprocessor generates HLDA signal to acknowledge requesting device after HOLD signal.

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Answer : Temp Register (8 bits) is also called as operand register as it is used by μp for storing one of the operands during an operation and also for storing the result of any execution temproary.

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