How do I use Arduino?

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Answer : 5volts is enough to supply the Arduino.

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Answer : Arduino: Arduino is a open source hardware and software. Arduino is a microcontroller. Since Arduino is open source it have many manufacturer. Arduino project was started in about year ... many sensors to the Arduino. Arduino board have microprocessor, crystal oscillator, 5V voltage regulator.

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Answer : The Arduino board connects to the computer via a USB port from the computer to a USB port on the Arduino board.

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Answer : nuclear energy is produce by nuclei of atom

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Answer : The setup() function, which is called once when a program (sketch) starts. It is used to initialize variables, pin modes and libraries. The loop() function, which runs continuously after the code starts. ... as the blink of a light, the activation of a servomotor or the reading of a sensor value.

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Answer : (i) Clip-on-ammeter: used for measurement of current in cables/lines in live conditions without disconnecting them.  (ii) Phase sequence indicator: To determine /find the phase sequence of 3 phase supply. 

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Answer : DC of course.

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Answer : We used it for cooking rice,  For washing clothes and for lights in the house.

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Answer : VLSI is Very Large Scale Integration. VLSI is very useful for compact design. More functionalities in smaller size. VLSI IC have small power consumption as compared to discrete components circuit. VLSI can be use for different functions in compact size.

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Answer : Use wind turbines.  In a windy seashore we set up some wind turbines.  But when the place is not windy we got no electricity.

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Answer : Use of Synchroscope: The synchroscope is used to determine the exact instant of switching required to connect the alternators in parallel or put an alternator in parallel with the infinite bus. ... idea of the faster or slower machine to make adjustments in speed of alternators for synchronising.

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Answer : Advantages: 1. As Transmission voltage increases, current decreases. 2. As current decreases, cross section of conductor decreases. 3. As cross section of conductor decreases, its ... high voltage transmission line, successful interconnection of transmission line is possible than low voltage. 

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Answer : The use of transformer  is to do lower or raise  the voltage or currents in an electrical  circuit.  That's quite so simple. 

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Answer : Use phasors to find

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Answer : An Electric power system is a network of electrical components used to supply, transfer and use electric power.

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Answer : The use of regenerator in a gas turbine cycle increases efficiency but has no effect on output

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Answer : Magnetic circuit breakers use Solenoid 

Description : What is the use of diode in the circuit?

Answer : Diode is a device which allows the flow of current in one direction and blocks the current in opposite direction.

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