How does the Arduino work?

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Answer : 5volts is enough to supply the Arduino.

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Answer : Arduino: Arduino is a open source hardware and software. Arduino is a microcontroller. Since Arduino is open source it have many manufacturer. Arduino project was started in about year ... many sensors to the Arduino. Arduino board have microprocessor, crystal oscillator, 5V voltage regulator.

Description : How does the Arduino connect to the computer?

Answer : The Arduino board connects to the computer via a USB port from the computer to a USB port on the Arduino board.

Description : How does a single phase induction motor work?

Answer : As we know that single phase induction is not self started because for self started we require atleast two revolving field but single phase induction motor has only one. So we provide extra ... 1phase IM classified as split phase IM, capacitor start capacitor run, capacitor start induction run.

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Answer : Electric  locomotives  are  powered   by  motors  connected  to  battery  or  any  supply . The  electric  supply  is  connected  to  a  motor  which  drives  set  of  gears  connected  to  wheels.

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Answer : An electronic device that converts one form of energy to another form.for example a transducer is used in microphone to convert speech signals to electrical signal.on the other hand,transducer is used to convert an electrical signal to speech signals in speakers.

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Answer : It is a simple electrical motor that is operated by AC or DC signal in order to provide a precise angular motion for a given electrical signal.

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Answer : An IR sensor gives off infrared light forward that can be reflected off an object in front of the sensor in order to detect its presence.

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Answer : The transformer work depends on the induction as main principle ,for that AC is the right means

Description : Why using megger ? how to work megger?

Answer : Megger is all about safety. You need to use cables that can meet your demand without putting anyone at risk through earth leakages. So Megger is all about testing cable insulation. You use an insulation tester resistant meter to make sure your cables are standard and properly insulated.

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Description : What are the two basic functions needed to code in Arduino and what are they used for?

Answer : The setup() function, which is called once when a program (sketch) starts. It is used to initialize variables, pin modes and libraries. The loop() function, which runs continuously after the code starts. ... as the blink of a light, the activation of a servomotor or the reading of a sensor value.

Description : From india

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Answer : Accessory to support long work: A steady rest is a tool for a lathe, enabling a machinist to make deep cuts in long, slender stock, bore out thin pieces of metal, and generally keeps thin stuff straight. ... tool that follows the cutter, a steady rest is firmly attached to the bed of a lathe.

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Answer : Modifications are necessary in a dc series motor so that it operates satisfactorily on ac supply. The modifications are as follows:  1) AC series motor is built with a few field turns as ... and grinders 5) High speed vacuum cleaners 6) Sewing machines 7) Food processors 8) Drilling machine 

Description : The unit of work or energy in S.I. units is

Answer : The unit of work or energy in S.I. units is joule.

Description : What is the work of MOSFET?

Answer : Unit of work is Joule denoted by capital J .

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