What is a soft start?
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Description : What is the difference between a soft start and a VFD?

Description : What is the advantage of using soft starters?

Description : Choosing a soft toy for a child. What should you pay attention to?

Answer : Soft toys as a gift will always be popular and relevant. It is appropriate to give them just like that, for a birthday or for a holiday. Moreover, the modern assortment is very diverse: hares, bears, ... applied to the fabric). But the burning eyes of a child with this little magic are worth it!

Description : I got some grapic drawing questions guys and I need to see the answers immediately.Stator voltage curve for each four different start up methods.

Answer : To reverse the direction of rotation of a capacitor start motor while it is running we should disconnect motor from the supply till it stops then reconnect it to supply with reversed connection of main or auxiliary winding.