What can cause high amperage on a motor?
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Answer :

High  amperage  can  result  in  a motor  when the  amount  of  load  increases. when  load  increases  , it  reduces  the  rotor  speed which  increases  the  slip  at  constant  synchronous  speed  .Due  to  the  fact  that the rotor  speed  is reduced, the  rate  at  which  the  magnetic  field  from  stator  windings  cut  accros the  rotor  slots  increases  , thus  rotor  speed  will  start  increasing  to  aquire  the  initial  speed  and  slip,  as  a  result  more  current  shall  have  been  drawn  to  maintain  the  additional  load.
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Answer : In induction motor , the flux produce is quadrature to the applied voltage. Since when we are going to start motor , there is no flux present inside . So in order to lets say compensate it ... times of current to further increase flux. So that is reason for high starting current in induction motor

Answer : An induction motor has relatively high power factor at near full load.

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