What are the parts of AC motor?
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Description : State at least one function and the material used for the following parts of DC Motor.

Answer : Part Function Material Yoke -Provides mechanical support for poles -Acts as protecting cover for machine -Provides path for magnetic flux Cast Iron OR Cast Steel Field Winding - ... Pole core  Provides mechanical support to field winding. Cast Iron OR Cast Steel

Description : List the main parts of D.C. motor

Answer : Main parts of D.C. motor and their functions:  Part Functions Yoke i) Provides mechanical support for poles. ii) Acts as protecting cover for machine. iii) Carries magnetic flux. ... a fixed physical position relative to the stator.  Shaft Used to transfer mechanical power 

Description : State the function of following parts of DC motor : i) Yoke ii) Poles iii) Field winding iv) Commutator. 

Answer : Function : i) Yoke: The yoke serves the following two purposes. i) It supports the other components such as poles and provides mechanical protection for whole machine. ii) It forms a part of ... one pole to another and thus to help the motor to develop a continuous and unidirectional torque  

Description : What is the principle of AC motor?

Description : AC motor

Answer : AC motor AC motor have two types one is Induction motor and second is synchronous motor. Induction motor have two types one is single phase induction motor and second is three phase ... self starting motor so using  external motor or we have to start it as induction motor.