What is the principle of AC motor?

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Description : What is the principle of synchronous motor?

Description : Explain the working principle of induction motor. 

Answer : Working principle of induction motor: * When the motor is excited with three-phase supply, three-phase stator winding carries three-phase currents & produces a rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude and ... , which tend to move the rotor in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field. 

Description : State the principle of operation of d.c. motor.

Answer : When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences the force. The magnitude of force is given by F = BIL newton  where F – Force   B – maximum flux density   I – Current   L – Length of conductor

Answer : A hysteresis motor works on the principle of hysteresis loss.

Description : What is the principle of DC motor?

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