What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motors?
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Answer :

The motor which rotates at constant speed is called synchronous motor. And that constant speed is called as synchronous speed. 

And the motor which does not rotates at constant speed are called asynchronous motor. Asynchronous motor is also called as Induction motor.
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Description : What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous generator?

Description : what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?

Answer : Asynchronous motors and syncrouns motor are called as dc machines.  and also syncrouns motor called as induction motor. Asynonymous motor as are rotates with constant speed we not able to operate . ... It is able to operate. These are a small difference between syncrouns and asynchronous motors. 

Description : Compare characteristics of asynchronous and synchronous transmission mode (four points). 

Answer : Synchronous transmission Asynchronous transmission 1. Synchronous transmission are synchronized by an external clock. 1. Asynchronous transmission are synchronized by special signals along the transmission ... for transferring a small amount of data as it is simple and economical.

Description : Compare synchronous and asynchronous counter.

Answer : Asynchronous Counter Synchronous Counter In an Asynchronous Counter the output of one Flip Flop acts as the clock Input of the next Flip Flop. In a Synchronous Counter all the Flip Flop's are ... Also called as serial counter Also called as Parallel Counter

Description : Compare Asynchronous sequential and synchronous sequential circuits.

Answer : SR. NO. ASYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL CIRCUIT SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS. 1 Output can be changed at any instant of time by changing the input Output changes at discrete ... the counter change state simultaneously. This is because all the flip-flops are clocked simultaneously.