Compose 1k x 8 ROMS into 8k x 8 ROM.

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1k x 8 ROMS into 8k x 8 ROM:


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Description : Sketch internal design of 4x3 ROM.

Answer : The internal design of 4x3 ROM

Description : Differentiate between RAM & ROM in PLC memory

Answer : RAM ROM Random access memory Read Only memory Used for storing temporary data Used for storing fixed data such as programs Data is lost when power is removed Data is retained in case of power loss  Read write speed is quite faster Write operation is slow

Description : What is a ROM in a computer? A) Random Open Memory B) Read Only Memory C) Random Only Memory D) None of these

Answer : What is a ROM in a computer? A) Random Open Memory B) Read Only Memory C) Random Only Memory D) None of these

Description : A child accidentally drops a square ceramic tile. It breaks into smaller pieces as shown in Figure P. To avoid a scolding, she plans to compose a mural of broken pieces to gift to her mother. Which figure out of the given options could she make?

Answer : C 

Description : In a 32 x 8 ROM there are (a) 8 address lines (c) 4 address lines (b) 5 address lines (d) 32 address lines

Description : The size of the ROM required to build an 8-bit adder/subtractor with mode control, carry input, carry output and two’s complement overflow output is given as

Answer : (B) 218 × 10

Description : X, Yand Z enter into a partnership by investing in the ratio of 6 : 4: 8. After 1 year, Y invests another Rs. 540,000 and Z, at the end of 2 years, also invests Rs.540,000. At the end of three years, profit is ... 10. Find initial investment of Z. A) 7,20,000 B) 8,80,000 C) 6,50,000 D) 5,50,000. 

Answer : Answer: A) Let the initial investments of X, Yand Z be Rs. 6x, Rs. 4x and Rs. 8x respectively. Then, (6x * 36) : [(4x * 12) + (4x + 540000) x 24] : [(8x * 24) + (8x +540000) x 12]=6:8:10 ... =3/4 => 864x = 432x + 38880000 => 432x = 19440000 x=90000 Z's initial investment = 8x = Rs. 7,20,000.

Description : A virtual memory has a page size of 1K words. There are eight pages and four blocks. The associative memory page table contains the following entries:  Which of the following list of virtual addresses (in ... 1234, 4012, 5000, 6200 (C) 1020, 3012, 6120, 8100 (D) 2021, 4050, 5112, 7100

Answer : Answer: C Explanation: The pages which are not in main memory are: 1020 will not cause page fault (1024-2047) 3012 will not cause page fault (3072-4095) 6120 will not cause page fault (4096-5119) 8100 will not cause page fault (6144-7167)

Description : Suppose that the time to do a null remote procedure call (RPC) (i.e, 0 data bytes) is 1.0 msec, with an additional 1.5 msec for every 1K of data. How long does it take to read 32 K from the file server as 32 1K RPCs? (A) 49 msec (B) 80 msec (C) 48 msec (D) 100 msec

Answer : (B) 80 msec

Description : What is the memory from 1K - 640K called ?  (1) Extended Memory (2) Normal Memory (3) Low Memory (4) Conventional Memory

Description : Two cogged wheels of which one has 32 cogs and other 54 cogs, work into each other. If the latter turns 80 times in three quarters of a minute, how often does the other turn in 8 seconds? A) 48 B) 24 C) 38 D) 39 E) None of these

Answer : Answer: B  Number of turns required= 80 × 54/32 × 8/45 = 24 24 times

Description : P,Q, R enter into a partnership.P initially invests Rs 54 lakh and withdraws Rs 18 lakhs after 4 years. Q initially Rs 72 lakh ans adds another Rs 18 lakhs after 6 years and R invests Rs 108 lakh and adds another ... Then for how many years did R invests Rs 126 lakh per annum A) 5 B) 7 C) 8 D) 11 

Answer : Answer: C) Ratio of their profit P, Q, R is 54*4+36*6:72*6+90*4:108*x+126*(10-x) =12:22:35 - 0.5x Profit of R=profit of P +profit of Q 35-0.5x=12+22 X=2 year The number of years for R invests Rs 126 lakh =10-2=8years

Description : Two persons Ashok and Amit enter into a business. Ashok invests Rs 12500 in the first time and after 6months withdraws Rs 7000. Amit withdraws Rs 3000 after 8 months. Both have equal profit at the end of the year. What is the amount invested by Amit initially? A) 15000 B) 20000 C) 10000 D) 16000

Answer : Answer: C)  Ashok’s investment =12500*6+5500*6=108000  Amit’s investment=x*8+(x-3000)*4  108000=8x+4x-12000=>X=Rs 10000  Amount invest by Amit is Rs 10,000

Description : Mano, kajal, kavin enter into partnership. Mano invests some money at the beginning kajal invests double the amount for 8 months and kavin invests thrice the amount for 10 months. If the annual profit be Rs.35000 then kavin’s share is approximately A) Rs. 17567 B) None C) Rs. 12985 D) Rs. 19274

Answer : Answer: B) Let mano’s investment be Rs x Then Ratio of capitals = (x*12) : (2x:8) : (3x*10) = 12x : 16x : 30x = 6:8: 15 Kavin’s share = Rs.(35000*15/29) = Rs.18103.

Description : Three persons enter into a partnership by investing in the ratio of 9:8:1. After one year P double its investment and R puts another Rs.6000 to the initial investment. Now the ratio of investment changes to 9:8:2. What is total investment P,Q, R after 2years? A) 108000. B) 114000. C) 126000. D) None

Answer : Answer: B)  Let investment of P, Q & R are 9x,8x & x for 1year.  After 1 year ratio of their investments.  9:8:2 =9 x +18x : 8x: x+6000=27x :8x: x+6000 X =Rs.6000 Total investments of P, Q & R After 2 years =[9+8+2]*6000=Rs.114000.

Description : In how many ways can 8 different balls be distributed in 6 different boxes can contain any number of balls except that ball 4 can only be put into box 4 or 5 ? A) 2×5^6 B) 2×6^7 C) 2×5^4 D) 2×4^7

Answer : Answer: B)  1st ball can be put in any of the 6 boxes.  2nd ball can be put in any of the 6 boxes.  3rd ball can be put in any of the 6 boxes.  Ball 4 can only be put into box 4 or box 5. Hence, 4th ball ... put in any of the 6 boxes.  Hence, required number of ways = 6 6 6 2 6 6 6 6  = 2 6^7

Description :  What are the important parts of the mobile device which used in Digital forensic? A. SIM B. RAM C. ROM. D.EMMC chip

Answer : D.EMMC chip 

Description : The process of copying files to a CD-ROM is known as (A) Burning (B) Zipping (C) Digitizing (D) Ripping

Answer : (A) Burning

Description : .............. is a type of memory circuitry that holds the computer’s start-up routine. (A) RIM (Read Initial Memory) (B) RAM (Random Access Memory) (C) ROM (Read Only Memory) (D) Cache Memory 

Answer : (C) ROM (Read Only Memory) 

Description : When a computer is booting, BIOS is loaded to the memory by (A) RAM (B) ROM (C) CD-ROM (D) TCP

Answer : (B) ROM

Description : CD ROM stands for: (A) Computer Disk Read Only Memory (B) Compact Disk Read Over Memory (C) Compact Disk Read Only Memory (D) Computer Disk Read Over Memory

Answer : (C) Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Description : Cache memory acts between (1) CPU and RAM (2) CPU and ROM (3) RAM and ROM (4) CPU and Hard disk

Answer : CPU and RAM 

Description : Which is not an external storage device ? (1) CD - ROM (2) DVD-ROM (3) Pen Drive (4) RAM

Answer : RAM

Description : Which of the following computer memories is non-volatile ? (1) DRAM (2) SRAM (3) ROM (4) RAM

Answer : ROM

Description : All forms of ROM are also known as _____. (1) Freeware (2) Middleware (3) Firmware (4) Shareware

Answer : Firmware

Description : Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second? (1) ROM (2) Dyanamic RAM (3) EPROM (4) Static RAM

Answer :  Dyanamic RAM

Description : ROM stands for (1) Real Office Manager (2) Read Only Memory (3) Read Only Memorandum (4) Role On Memory

Answer : Read Only Memory

Description : The most advanced form Of Read Only Memory (ROM) is (1) PROM (2) RAM (3) Cache Memory (4) EEPROM

Answer : EEPROM

Description : Which one of the following is used as secondary storage system in computer ? (1) RAM (2) Floppy (3) EPROM (4) ROM

Answer : Floppy

Description : Pick the odd one out. (1) Floppy Disk (2) ROM (3) DVD (4) Hard Disk

Answer : ROM

Description : Programs stored in a ROM are called (1) Software (2) Freeware (3) Firmware (4) None of these

Answer : Firmware

Description : To read a CD-ROM disc, you need a (1) laser beam (2) magnetic needle (3) sound card (4) graphics card

Answer : laser beam

Description : Which among the following is a distinctive feature by which a CD ROM drive is classified in a personal computer ? (1) Software bundle (2) Data transfer rate (3) Memory capacity (4) Storage period

Answer : Data transfer rate

Description : Explain how preventive maintenance of CD ROM drive is carried out.

Answer : 1. Cleaning of the head: use head cleaning diskettes for purposes. 2. Disk drive heads can also be manually cleaned using alcohol and foam swab rapped in a lint free material with immense care. ... off the interior of the drive. 6. Use the silicon lubricant ion whatever items that need lubrication.

Description : (i) List and explain the types of ROM.  (ii) List any four advantages of PLC.

Answer : ROM types  1) PROM  2) EPROM  3) EEPROM  1) PROM: - (Programmable Read Only Memory): In this memory it may be programed once and once only, by the user/programmer. The user than programs ... signals.  10) PLC can provide security for ladder programming.  11) Speed of PLC is in milliseconds.

Description : Explain the function of ROM & RAM memory of PLC. 

Answer : Read Only Memory (ROM) is used by PLC for storing operating system. The operating system is programmed by the manufacturer.  Random access memory (RAM) is a Read Write memory and used by ... store temporary data like status of I/O pins, temporary results of calculations, timer counter values etc.

Description : Normally, the FPGA resources are used less than 70% because:  a. Routing becomes excessively complicated b. Power issues c. Clock frequency d. Simulation time increases

Answer : Normally, the FPGA resources are used less than 70% because: Routing becomes excessively complicated

Description : List and describe three general approaches to improve designer productivity.

Answer : Automation: The task of using a computer program to replace manual design effort. The program replaces manual design effort. Synthesis. Reuse: The ... correctness/completeness of each design step. Hardware/software co-simulation.

Description : Explain placement, routing, and sizing.

Answer : Placement: The task of placing and orienting every transistor somewhere on IC. Routing: The task of running wires between the transistors without inserting other wires or transistors. ... wires and transistor provide better performance but consume more power and require more silicon area.

Description : A single FSM can be converted to two smaller FSM. Justify.

Answer : Common computation models: Sequential program model Statements, rules for composing statements, semantics for executing them Communicating process model ... Object-oriented model For breaking complex software into simpler, well-defined pieces

Description : Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using memory I/O and standard I/O.

Answer : Memory mapped I/O and standard I/O are the two methods for communicating microprocessor with peripherals. Processor talks to both memory and peripheral using the same bus.Two ways to talk to a peripheral. ... of standard I/O is no loss of memory addresses to the use as I/O addresses.

Description : Explain parallel and wireless protocols.

Answer : Parallel protocols: PCI bus (Peripheral Components Interconnect): PCI stands for Peripheral Components Interconnect. PCI bus is used as a communication line to transmit signals and data ... provide the basis for wireless network products using the Wi-Fi brand.

Description : Explain memory hierarchy.

Answer : Memory hierarchy: Main memory is large, inexpensive, slow memory stores entire program and data. Cache memory is small, expensive, fast memory stores copy of likely accessed parts of large ... In memory hierarchy the smaller memory is faster and larger memory storage is slower.

Description : Explain memory write ability and storage permanence with suitable diagram.

Answer : Write ability and storage permanence of memories: Write ability is the manner and speed at which memory can be written. Storage permanence is the ability of memory to hold stored bits ... Holds bits after power is no longer supplied. High end and middle range of storage permanence.

Description : Describe different RT level computational and sequential components used to design single function processors.

Answer : RT-level combinational components:- To reduce the complexity in digital logic, combinational components are used, which are more powerful than logic gates.  Such combinational ... during a clock edge. An asynchronous inputs value effects the circuit independent of the clock.

Description : Build using minimum number of CMOS gates. Three input NAND gate. Two input NOR gate Three input NOR gate Two input AND gate Two input OR gate

Answer : Three input NAND gate. Two input NOR gate Three input NOR gate Two input AND gate Two input OR gate

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